There are several weight loss treatments available to reduce the extra pounds and fats in the body. However, Ayurveda suggests using natural treatments to lose weight. These natural techniques are holistic and involve modifications in lifestyle habits, diet, and oral consumption of Ayurvedic formulations. Despite undergoing surgeries for reducing weight, it is crucial to maintain the lost weight. Here are some natural measures to maintain the lost weight post-surgery.

  1. Smaller Meals to Promote Metabolic Activity: Post-surgery complications make it difficult for the stomach to digest big meals at one go. It is, instead, better to eat small meals frequently. Adapting to this might be difficult since those suffering from obesity are usually in the habit of binge-eating on unhealthy, high carb meals. Smaller meals also promote metabolic activity and help in quicker digestion.

  2. Strictly Follow Your Post-Surgery Diet: Every surgeon would recommend a dietician approved diet that will make sure that you do not increase your weight while also ensuring that the essential nutrients required for recovery are provided to the body. Sticking to the prescribed diet is the most important aspect of your post-surgery journey since it is your best bet to avoid any complications.

  3. Build On Your Physical Exercise Regime Slowly: It is also important to gradually increase your activity levels since exercising will help you in keeping your weight off. You can start off with simple exercises such as playing a low-energy sport, cycling, jogging, etc., and eventually work your way up to more rigorous workout plans. Exercising is an easier task post-surgery since weight loss helps the joints to perform better.

  4. Ayurvedic Supplements For Regulation: Ayurvedic herbs have proven to be very helpful in maintaining body weight and regulating the burning of fats and sugar in the body. Use herbs like Gokhru, Haldi, Amla, Nagarmotha, Shuddh Guggul, etc to reduce weight naturally with Ayurveda.