Rising cholesterol levels are worrying everyone and we must act before it’s too late. The food we consume determines our health and we must focus on healthy eating. The next important thing is exercising, as it reduces the chances of cardiac diseases and ensures proper blood circulation. These 3 tips can reduce your cholesterol level significantly.

  1. Healthy eating has many advantages and saturated fats should be reduced. The fibre content in the
    diet must increase as it provides energy and keeps our body fit.
  2. Exercising on a daily basis can cure many ailments and it helps us in losing excess weight and
    managing cholesterol levels. At least 10 minutes should be devoted to exercising and group activities are equally productive. Use the stairs, walk more, do some situps and keep your body active.
  3. smoking harms your body in numerous ways and it should totally be avoided. The cholesterol levels becomes normal after quitting and the blood pressure slowly normalizes.