Children can be really tough to handle when it comes to healthy meals. But does that mean they cannot be fed healthy at all? The answer lies in our innovative ways to make them eat healthy food. How? Let’s discover.

1. Make The Greens Look Yum With Smoothies

If you’re worried about your child hating green leafy vegetables, add them into their diet in a way they cannot really identify. Crush all those leafy vegetables into a smoothie and add a sweetening scoop of honey or almond milk to make it taste better. You can even use the green puree to try out various recipes like paneer, or pasta loaded with the same.

2. Add Taste With A Twist Of Crunch

When you’re behind your children to consume the old and boring recipes, it’s important that you must add a twist of crunch to make them enjoy their meal. Add a lot of nuts and seeds like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, or almonds to make it crunchy. We also recommend you replace the artificial sweeteners with natural ones including fruits and honey to balance the carbs out.

3. Replace Chocolates With Chakaash For Health

What if we told you that your child’s daily dosage of immunity can be given to them without letting them go through the horrible taste? Well, we are not recommending anything new but the age-old Chyawanprash. Don’t worry, the goodness of Chyawanprash is re-packaged in a great taste of toffees - Dr. Vaidya’s Chakaash. We recommend you to give your child one Chakaash toffee daily without any guilt of them ruining their health like other toffees. Isn’t that great?