As we all know that, " first impression". is the one which has a very strong impact on personality. Its like , the moment you open the mouth to speak anything anywhere can either attract or distract the person listening. eventually promote or demote your performance in group discussion, briefing , family conversation, business meeting, love making etc.. etc. finally gives (...........) name to your PERSONALITY.

  1.  BRUSH WELL...:- Brush your teeth gently with vertical strokes away from gums. :- Brush head usually covers 3 teeth at once so keep it on 3 teeth at once, move it up and down at least 20 times.                                                                                                                                                                :- Lift the brush and keep it on next 3 with 20 strokes, always start from upper right to left  and then          lower left to right. ( avoid not to shift brush from one set of 3 teeth to other while touching the              tooth, as it will become horizontal somewhere while shifting. ( DO NOT GIVE HORIZONTAL                       STROKE AT ALL  )                                                                                                                                                  :- Brush the front, top and back surface in above clockwise/ anticlockwise direction.                                    :- rinse well and eat atleast half an hour after brushing
  2. EAT WELL     :- Always eat healthy food, in small quantity. Avoid eating sweet and sticky food. You can frequently eat seasonal fruits and vegetables ( if possible to eat them without cutting with knife). Uncut fruits and veg. gives a kind of physical exercise to your jaw bone , muscles and teeth. Fibrous fruits helps in cleaning of in between areas of teeth hence help in prevention of many dental diseases. EATING OR CUTTING OF FRUITS AND VEG WITH FRONT TEETH WILL  PREVENT IRREGULAR GROWTH OF TEETH IN CHILDREN. 

     3.  DRINK WATER PRETTY WELL . Important for self cleansing of mouth and teeth. as dry mouth promotes the growth of various infections, so keep it wet with a sip of water at small interval. 5 MIN AFTER HAVING  TEA OR COFFEE OR ANY SWEET DRINK DO NOT FORGET TO RINSE WITH PLAIN WATER.