Back pain is the most common form of pain. about 80% adult population suffer from back pain at least once in their life. untrained back muscles, wrong posture, strained long drives and any kind of stress on back causes cramping and hardening of the back muscles which eventually leads to wear and tear of the discs.

Unfortunately, over- the- counter drugs and self-medications have become the  first line of treatment for back pain. While these drugs show significant short term pain relief, there is no substantial evidence for long lasting pain relief . Instead they cause more harm than good overtime as there are serious risks of overdose, dependence and addiction.

Follow these 3 simple steps to treat your back pain without medications :

1. Find out the cause for your Back Pain

Whether it is acute or Chronic or recurring Back Pain, the first thing to do is to seek professional help. Consult a doctor who can diagnose the reason behind your Back Pain. That is when you can address the root cause and treat your back. Do it right now!

2. Strengthen your back

Strengthening of back muscles play a very major role in treating Back pain and preventing the recurrence of pain. Pain often prevent us from getting enough exercise to strengthen the back and unfortunately lack of exercise can worsen pain by leading to stiffness, weakness and degeneration. In that case, see a Pain management specialist who can provide alternative therapies to strengthen your back and thereby relieve your pain.

One such popular new generation back therapy which uses Dynamic deep wave therapy system (DDWS) gives a multi-dimensional back treatment via complex waves delivered to the back reaching deep layers of the musculature to relieve pain, strengthen the back muscles, vitalize the facia and relax the strained back.

3. Avoid the cause

  • Improve your posture
  • Set up a proper work station while you spend long hours at desk
  • Change your mattress depending on your sleeping postures
  • Get moving, unless recommended, avoid more than 3 days of bed rest
  • Get some exercises to relax your back and strengthen your core.
  • Learn to lift weights without hurting your back.
  • Last but not the least, lose weight and stay fit.