Ayurveda, it is often said that prana i.e. life is heavily dependent on the breathing patterns exerted by our respiratory system as it ensures the smooth flow of oxygen. It is important to focus on the way we breathe to ensure a healthy life going forward. Respiratory problems impact the standard of life if it's not attended to in time. Here, let’s get started with three simple respiratory modifications to help you improve your respiration. 

  1. Deep Breathing At Regular Intervals: Deep breathing not only calms down the respiratory system but the whole of your body with its impact. Deep breathing also aligns with slow breathing which gives the body ample time to process the oxygen drawn from the air to interact with the life processes occurring within. You can practice deep and slow breathing mindfully at regular intervals or during meditation exercise.

  2. Kapalbhati for Lung Strength: Kapalbhati is a form of Pranayama where the focus is on repeated expiration of air drawn rather than inspiration. When done correctly, it helps strengthen the diaphragm and the lungs - resulting in the improvement of daily life processes. For this activity, we recommend you to sit in a straight posture and repeatedly exhale without exerting much force on your lower abdomen.

  3. Brahmari Pranayama For Respiratory Alignment: Brahmari Udgeet is another form of Pranayama which helps with the alignment of the respiratory system and the chakras within as it involves voice modulation at a certain pitch. We recommend you to close your eyes and place your fingers on eyelids. Sit in a straight posture and chant ‘Aum’ while holding your breath for as long. This not only boosts lung efficiency but also improves focus and cognitive abilities along with beneficial breathing patterns.