Cold and flu can happen to anyone, anywhere. However, these aren’t considered amongst severe disorders that make us feel ill but these definitely take plenty of our energy and productive days. To deal with these regularly occurring viral infections, it is important that we use Ayurveda to leverage our health for a quick recovery. 

  1. Avoid Consuming Food Items That Are Cold in Nature: Based on Ayurveda, our body has predominant dosha systems i.e. Kapha, Vata, and Pitta. Cold and Cough are usually regulated by Kapha dosha and an imbalance can be triggered easily if your system is interrupted by any food item that is cold in nature. Here the interesting thing is that the food item may be served hot but if it’s underlying nature is cold, it can again affect your system with the opposite trigger. For example, avoid bottle gourd despite it being served hot, no fresh fruits in the evening, or before dinner time. You’ll also have to let go of bananas for that matter. To recover effectively from cold and flu, it is important that your diet compliments your body’s requirements.

  2. Help Your Throat Heal With Some Mulethi and Ginger: When you get affected by viral cold and flu, the most severely affected body part is our throat. It is important to take care of your throat to help it heal from soreness and irritation. Severe cold and cough can also lead to frequent sneezing and thus, can irritate your muscles. Ayurveda prescribes elements like Mulethi and Ginger to help the body heal from such conditions. Maybe a cup of ginger tea or mulethi can be brewed with herbs like tulsi and lemongrass. The medicinal properties of these Ayurvedic elements can quickly help your throat heal.

  3. Never Underestimate Home Remedies: Home remedies like turmeric milk, herbal beverages including Kadha and other concoctions.

    These remedies not only help in quick healing and recovery from cold and flu but also promotes immunity and strengthens the body from within. You must adapt to these remedies for a quick come back to normal health.