Desserts often prove to be a major weakness for weight watchers and act as a hindrance in managing a healthy diet. But there can always be a healthier alternative to fat and sugar loaded desserts, something that is equally tasty and satisfying. Here are a few healthy alternatives which will help you manage your diet better.

1.Yogurt with fruits:

Low fat homemade yogurt with seasonal fruits can be a healthy alternative to ice-creams and high sugar frozen yogurt. This healthy dessert is a blend of protein and carbohydrates; it is also rich in Calcium and phosphorusThe calories in this dessert are approximately 95kcal.

2. Fruit Smoothie:

It is one of the healthiest dessert options with minimum calories and is satisfying enough to overcome most cravings. There are 130 calories in a cup. It is also a healthy snack option or meal replacement.

3. Dark Chocolate:

Instead of high calorie rich chocolate cakes and doughnuts, opt for a dark chocolate. It satisfies sweet and chocolate cravings and is also a good source of antioxidants. Studies have also shown that eating a small amount of dark chocolate two or three times a week can help decrease blood pressure. Higher the percentage of cocoa, healthier will be the chocolate. One piece of dark chocolate contains 55 calories as compared to normal chocolate i.e. approximately 160 kcal.

So enjoy these healthy desserts in place of calorie rich and sugar loaded desserts. They will help you in controlling weight, managing a healthy diet and satisfy cravings.