Common knowledge is that caffeine dehydrates you. If you're a coffee lover, we have good news- A recent study shows coffee does not really dehydrate. According to 2 studies, there is no valid scientific evidence suggesting that the consumption of caffeinated beverages in your normal lifestyle leads to fluid loss in excess of the fluid volume consumed, or is associated with poor hydration status.

Besides all this, coffee has a number of health benefits, including improved oxygen intake read below:

  • Burn more calories: Caffeine helps speed up your heart rate. The faster your heart beats, the more calories you burn.We already told you how green tea can help you lose weight. Now coffee is good for you, but watch out for those calorie loaded coffee shop drinks.
  • Workout better: Multiple studies have shown a cup of coffee before your workout, helps you workout harder, thus helping you burn more calories. In case you like cold coffee, add some coffee & ice to your whey protein shake- it tastes just delicious, and gives you that kick, like no other. For an extra kick, throw in some coffee with your pre-workout shake.
  • Breathe better: A recent study also showed that consuming caffeine before your workout makes your body consume more oxygen while working out. The more oxygen you consume, the higher your metabolic rate, and the more calories you burn!

We're not saying start loading your fluids with caffeine, but there can be benefits of drinking it.