Mingling in a party or making a blossoming kiss to your  fiancee , it 's always a cloud nine provided all goes glory, But it goes dooms die when you go closure to somebody and immediate reaction is a jerk, it all due  a bad breath, a fetid odor.

All your embarrassment goes a gloomy scene even on a blossoming circle.

To get rid of the situation you need to be very conscious as well alert of your oral health as it may lead not only of you as talk of town but your systemic elements may be in a jeopardy due  such oral ill health.

All u need to go is to make a self check again that u make a DO of all 3 i'm going to mention below

1====Brush not in Rush......Do a proper brushing for 4 to 5 minutes every day without fail and unless until u brush your tooth dint make self addict to BED TEA, coffee sip kind of addiction and dint make any excuse to this which will not only do a BAD BREATH invitation as well make your constipation and bowel disorder as prime problem in upcoming future due these fancy habits.

2===Take breakfast in mega volume wither its Toast butter, omelette , or cornflakes ,milk, or Poha, Upma, idly or dhokla. Be it and give a full impetus to your belly and at end dint forget to have an apple and a  two or three nuts. It will make you to have an healthy habit

3==Quit any dirty habits of any form of nicotine and any oral chew and make a night brushing proper with an intake of 6 liters of  drinking water and 1 liter of any substrate of choice be milk, juice or any drinking liquid.

This is a simple analog and a protocol you can say which will make you miles way from BAD BREATH and a easy chutzpah all can follow