Happy Daughters Day to everyone. Today is also Birthday of AIIMS & Golden Jubilee ceremonies are going on for 2 days. Daughters did made it to AIIMS since its Inception in 1950 s though there is a difference between then and now.But Hope Not and try to convince that it is only a Hype created by media about paid seats/ management quota/ reservation etc etc.

Merit is still the Mantra for any profession, besides lessons given by a book called Life.

Parents of daughters only are discouraged about educating daughters , to start Saving for their Wedding from day 1.

Reason being Daughters are Paraya Dhan who will belong to another home after marriage.

True, no sensible parent of a daughter would like to ask for Mercy to Visit her/him if In laws are Not Happy about it.

Working women as Widows are better at coping with Empty Nest Syndrome, once daughters are settled well in their marital homes/ sons are settled well abroad.

Menopause time is a Syndrome, Not a Disease , it is a collection of Symptoms.

The woman has Just lived half of her Life around age 50.

We know about Osteoporotic bones,Wrinkles, slight Weight gain, risk of Heart disease, High BP & showing off of other genetic diseases like asthma & diabetes made worse due to pollution.

What is Empty Nest Syndrome & Why only women Suffer from it. Why not Men after retirement at age 65?

Kitchen & Home + Job if any keeps the woman on the go for more than 18 hours in a day during her youth and she tends to please everyone. She Succeeds also.

She feels wanted all through these productive years & suddenly she feels that her kids have grown with Mind(s) of their own, got married and settled & she is Happy to have Jumped to the next phase of her life. 

This feeling of Joy is short lived and only memories stay with her, while her brood is elsewhere.

Never mind this transformation phase to other life of longevity brings along some Freedom and some bearable diseases except Loneliness which is as bad for heart as Bad Cholesterol & This Combination of fear of disease plus loneliness is called Empty Nest Syndrome.

Accept it that bones will get weak-Take Calcium rich diet & go for regular walks.

Accept it that face will get Wrinkles but there are ways to age gracefully.

Accept it that there will be Physiological changes like slight gain in weight- Eat sensibly.

Avoid bad fats which are bad for heart also.

Accept the loneliness-become laptop savvy. Connect with Virtual World,make friends on FB etc.

Accept Not- Negative people, Greedy for property folks, Demoralizing persons, giving Dirty Looks to Seniors clad in good clothes with a Laptop in one hand and a Smartphone in another hand.

Accept Not- Specially the lonely Widows- The Women flaunting Male Power.

It is a Beautiful World for independent Women on the Go and Hurdles are Supposedly Secure Women, Not  Men.

Accept the change in a Healthy way- sounds preachy but it is worth trying & Living in Own Empty Nest with Quality time spent with married Children and Grandchildren.