1. Do not use an anti dandruff shampoo on regular use, especially the over the counter ones as can lead to early graying of hair and also, damage the hair root and shaft on chronic usage. Do not comb wet hair rigorously I am sure most readers would know the reason but still many do! But Patience is the key for these tresses and also wet hair will shed more so please avoid.

2. Do not keep artificial colours in your hair all through the year, once it runs out let your hair bethe colour it is at least for a period of 2-3 months before you go for that streaking/global colouring treatments again. Also do not get multiple treatments like colouring and straightening at/ around same time. Give your hair some rest either go for one or give a gap of 4 weeks so that the hair cycle can change and also you can till then boost the immunity of your hair by eating vitamin h – biotin which is important hair building structure, also pantothenic acid will help insane.

3. Do not use hair styling gels, straightening gels ever! Also using of hair sunscreens is not important but a leave on conditioner can be applied in dry,damaged hair 2-3 times/week. Using a wide toothed comb if hair fall is present .please do not use a combing brush or small comb also avoid sharing your comb with others especially when you do not know their scalp condition.

4. If you have scalp psoriasis and also dandruff then please do not oil your hair. As oil is like a meal for malassezia yeast that is the causative organism for dandruff.

5. Do not maintain your tresses in a bun if you have long hair all the time as it can lead to traction alopecia and lead to hair fall also, if you tie a ponytail do not keep it very tight and avoid tying your hair during sleep for surely.

6. Do not use the same shampoo for months together it's always a good idea to keep changing the brand even in one week use 2 shampoos alternatively to prevent resistance and excess chemical damage.

7. Do not tumble dry your hair ever and also, put you head down and clean as that causes moreroot damage to hair and can lead to excessive loss of follicles.

8. Do not pick up hair serums from market without a dermatologist opinion as sometimes you may not be needing it and also it may rather than suit you can cause more damage.

9. Do not keep your hair tied up for full 24 hours always; allow a breathing time on daily basis and let them open at least for a short while daily.

10. Do not use hair dyes of same company every month and also alternate only in the ammonia freeones on a regular basis. If you can switch to vegetable hair dyes that is the best.

11. Do not go for a hair transplant at a very early age as you lose the donor area in that case and it's better your crowning glory lasts for a longer time. But if the balding is a lot and you feel the need of a transplant then maybe just go for a hair line restorations and also go for PRP- stem cell infusions.

12. Do not cut your hair once a year always every 3 months at least go for a trimming so as to have a healthy hair growth and to get rid of the split ends.

13. Do not tie wet hair as they are weak shafts of hair and due to traction by tying and during styling can lead to hair fall.

14. Post pregnancy hair fall is a common issue but do not make it a stress as those tresses will grow back definitely and this shedding is normal during then. Also during lactation you can visit your dermatologist and choose a treatment regime for yourself.

15. Do not use a home hair straightening iron more than twice a month maximum and also neverstart the iron pressing from bottom up always go up to bottom and not to slowly. Remember not leave the head rollers on your hair overnight or at least not for more than 3-4 hours.

16. Do not pull your hair out a condition called trichotillomania and also a milder form seen very commonly in girls during exams should be avoided but that does not mean switch to nail biting ever! It just means, keep peaceful and avoid stress.

17. Do not wear jewellery in ears which extends into the hair regularly for attachments, etc. but still if you do as is in few religions then apply a bit of cream on the hook of the attachment before putting into the hair.

18. Do not go for head oil/powder massages if you are suffering from hair fall as this can lead tomore root damage and hair fall. Also, most of the hair oils are only like an external conditioner and cannot get absorbed into the scalp according to medical science.

19. Do not waste time on self medications if you are having a hair fall visit your dermatologist who also holds an expertise on hair for opinion. Also, remember owing to our hair cycle losing upto 100 hairs a day is a normal procedure of shedding and should not be considered as hair fall.