So the wait is over.  Ashtami/Navami is approaching and every other household is bustling with the preparations of celebrations. Ashtami morning your big Kadai is out, Chana’s are soaked, sooji is getting roasted and potatoes are getting boiled. The aroma of these delicacies and sound of Bhajans is making your household a hub of spiritual energy. 

The Menu remains the same for most of the households: 

  •  Halwa Poori.
  •  Kala Chana.·      
  •  Aloo ki Sabzi.    
  •  Dahi Balle.            

Some slight modifications in your cooking style would make the Ashtami food even healthier 

Healthy Poori:

  • In that kadhai replace your normal Ghee with Cow’s Ghee.·        
  • While frying don’t overcrowd the kadhai. This leads to drop in temperature of oil, increasing the speed of cooking hence causing more absorption of oil in your poori. 
  •  Don’t use the oil over and over again for frying. As once the oil is used for frying it starts breaking down into Trans fats. The Trans fats are very harmful for your heart health and other vital organs.

Kala Chana:   

Being low in fat, high in dietary fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals, Kala Chana is indeed a healthy addition to your Asthami /Navami day. 

Eating the healthy food and preparing it an even healthier way is an icing on the cake. 

  •  Keep the oil low.  
  •  Keep the spices low.  
  •  Replace the amchur powder with freshly squeezed lemon to add that tangy taste. 

Sooji ka Halwa

Sooji ka halwa is a very nourishing dish post Navratri. Loaded with lots of benefits make itself an indispensable part of Ashtami/Navami Prasad:

  •  Boosts energy.      
  •  Keeps nervous system healthy.
  •  Improves bone health.

 Cook it the healthy way and eat in control: 

  •   Cook your Sooji ka Halwa in Cow’s ghee.
  •  Just control the portion size.   

Aloo ki Sabji: 

Don’t make those taste buds crave more just make a few changes to your cooking style:

  • Use boiled potatoes.
  •  Add little yogurt to add the tangy flavor rather than keeping the thick tomato gravy.

Dahi Balle: 

It  so simple for these little Balle to lose their calories and keep the nutrition·  

  • Instead of frying the Balle – Bake them – Easier and less time consuming too.
  • Don’t devour on that tamarind chutney. Keep it less on your plate.