Nowadays, everyone is health conscious and wants to look slim, trim and beautiful. Being overweight makes a person look ugly and it is very unhealthy too, hence, it is very important to maintain your health as health is wealth.

It is said that gaining weight is quite easy and losing weight is very hard, sorry to disappoint you but the above statement is very true.

If one wants to lose weight then one must follow a diet plan and exercise plan very rigorously, only then one can lose weight.

If you follow the tips given below religiously then I am sure that you will definitely lose weight but mind you do it without cheating because if you cheat, it will only harm you as you will not lose weight.

Hence, some of the tips to be followed to lose weight and look slim and trim like a model are:

  • Diet is the most important thing to control if one wants to lose weight. Include more green vegetables and colorful fruits in your diet. Avoid oily and spicy foodstuffs. Fast food is a bane to your health while fruits and vegetable are a boon.
  • Eat a breakfast fit for the king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Eat only fruits, vegetables, salads, oats or soup at night.
  • Fast once a week and give your system a day off.
  • Exercise is the other major aspect while reducing weight. Exercise helps in burning the extra calories you have consumed.
  • Join a gym and workout daily. Make it point to go to gym every day without missing even a single day.
  • One can work without going to the gym too by getting up early and taking a walk or a jog in the local park or by doing yoga and housework like cleaning, dusting and moping the floor.
  • Exercise until you sweat and make sure you take breaks and don’t over workout yourself.
  • Drink plenty of water, green tea and juices.
  • If you don’t like to exercise, then play some sport or join some dance cum workout class like zumba or aerobics.
  • Exercise for minimum 60 minutes per day or until you are exhausted.
  • Do not give in to temptation and consume something oily and spicy or any sweet dish like ice cream or cake or chocolate or anything that you will regret later.

Hence, do follow my instructions faithfully and it is guaranteed that you will lose weight but mind you do follow it properly without any excuses.