Tobacco is considered to be one of the most important avoidable lifestyle related causes of cancer in the world. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), tobacco use kills nearly six million people worldwide each year. Cigarette smoking is the primary source tobacco consumption in most parts of the world. However, in India we also have other sources like – gutka, khaeni, zarda, addition to cigarette and bidi that leads to such a huge number of people getting affected with cancer of various types due to use of tobacco in various forms. 

Here are a few ways to help you live tobacco free for the rest of your life:-

1. Take the decision to give up tobacco use for yourself - Don’t do it for someone else. Do it for yourself, for your growth and benefit.

2. Take medical help from professionals. Homeopathic medicines are very effective in helping you deal with the strong cravings and urges you would feel once you stop using tobacco in any form. It is a safe and highly efficient system of medicine to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. In addition, homeopathic medicine would gradually improve your immunity and thus you will become healthy.

3. Seek help from a Clinical Psychologist as psychological dependence is as strong, if not more, as physical dependence on substances like tobacco. Through Psychotherapy, the clinician would help you deal with the cravings, handle cues or triggers, help you identify the reasons why you use tobacco and thus eventually replace it with a healthy alternative, and help you to understand how your faulty thinking patterns were maintaining the problem of tobacco use. In addition to these, assertiveness training to deal with peer pressure during recovery phase, and focus on relapse prevention are important aspects taken up during the therapy process.

4. Freshen up – Take time to freshen up your home. Wash your clothes, steam the furniture and clean the carpet as the smell of tobacco smoke can trigger cravings. A more pleasant environment will also make it easier for you to deal with withdrawal.

5. Throwaway your smoking accessories – The moment you decide to quit smoking, throwaway your old ashtrays and lighters.

6. Start exercising regularly - This would help to unclog your blocked alveoli and thus gradually increase your lung capacity.

7. Keep the mouth busy – When you feel strong urge to smoke or take tobacco, use a chewing gum or have some mouth freshner/saunf. This helps to relieve the discomfort.

8. Take a healthy diet and drink lot of water as it would speed up the detox process.   

9. In case of a lapse, i.e. if you start taking tobacco again don’t get disheartened. It happens with a lot of people. Have faith in yourself and the reason why you decided to quit smoking/using tobacco. Try again and keep yourself motivated.

10. One day at a time program – Just plan for today, that “Today I will stay away from tobacco.” Take it one day at a time. Just be sober for today, leave the rest for tomorrow and do this every day.