1. CUT DOWN ON FATS: Try to cut down on fats. If your food is drying out don't add oil instead use water. use fats and oil that are high in good fat. For example, olive oil.. Change your cooking methods. Go for steaming, roasting, baking, etc.
  2. CUT DOWN ON SALT: Cut down on salt as it can lead to hypertension and weight gain issues. Replace salt with herbs, spices, lemon juice, vinegar, mustard, etc. Lemon juice will not only solve the purpose of salt replacement but it will also help in shedding kilos.
  3. CUT DOWN ON SUGAR: Cut down on sugar or decrease the amount of sugar intake. Don't go for sugar-free tablets as it can cause other problems too. It's better to take less amount of sugar instead sugar-free tablets. Experiment by using less sugar when baking. One can use fruits as a replacement for table sugar. Instead of adding sugar in curd/custard/porridge one can add fruit to it and make it more healthy and nutritious.
  4. INCREASE FIBER: Increase fiber in your diet by replacing white by brown i.e. using brown rice instead of white and replacing pasta with wheat pasta, replacing poha by brown poha, etc. Fiber will not only give you feeling of fullness but will also help in shedding kilos and will solve the problem of constipation. Fiber will also decrease your cholesterol levels.  By adding lots of veggies to these dishes they will turn more nutritious and healthier. 
  5. DECREASE SAUCES AND DIPS: Decrease sauces and dips. Go for homemade sauces, for example, green chutney, tomato and onion chutney in these we can add different seeds to make them more healthy. Try to replace cream, whole milk and sour cream with skimmed milk or semi-skimmed milk or with yoghurt.
  6. A BIG NO TO MAYONNAISE: Mayonnaise anyways taste delicious but behind that delicious taste it is full of fat which will lead to weight gain. Replace it with yoghurt. we can use yoghurt for making sandwiches and other mayonnaise related recipes.
  7. AVOID JUICES:  Avoid juices instead of juices go for fresh and seasonal fruits which will also taste better, provide fiber, give you feeling of fullness, more healthier and main thing will provide you with essential vitamins and minerals which you won't be getting from juices. 
  8. CALCIUM: It is a myth that only milk will provide you with enough of calcium. Calcium is very important mineral as it increases bone health which will protect from osteoporosis. milk is not the only source and yet the best source of getting calcium. use milk products like paneer, curd, green veg. ,etc.
  9. OPT FOR GOOD CARBS OVER BAD CARBS: Carbohydrates are an important part of your diet, but that doesn't mean we load up on cakes and cookies. Go for good carbohydrates(complex carbs) and avoid bad carbs(simple carbs). Make whole grain products your preference. For example, oats, wheat, bajra, brown rice, etc
  10. KEEP CONTROL ON PORTION:  Portion size is the main key to balancing your plate and weight. If your plate is balanced your weight is also balanced.