• Fortunately, reducing small amount of weight can reduce and sometimes reverse the risk.Need inspiration to lose weight! These reasons should do the trick.

    Why to lose weight?

    Tired of chasing fad diets?Taking the long term approach to weight loss is wise because it means you will shed weight slowly and steadily - make it more likely to be sustainable.So it’s time for you to include some practical and realistic ways to lose weight.Gear up and implement the following weight loss tips for healthier life. Before that let’s understand why losing weight is becoming so crucial for everyone.

    • Your cancer risk may drop
    • You will be more active and alert
    • You could recover faster from any medical condition
    • Your heart is safer
    • You feel less depressed
    • You save money
    • You breathe better
    • Your blood sugars remain stable
    • You enjoy workout
  • Fastest Way to lose weight                                                                                                             

    1. Write down on a piece of paper everything you ate in the last 3 days-This will help you get a reality check. Then you start by eliminating extra cups of tea or biscuits that you had when you really didn’t need to.
    2. Learn to say noAll cultures revolve around food-People feel they haven’t looked after their guests well enough if they didn’t stuff them. Next time when someone is forcing food on your plate learn to politely turn them down. Or in a worst case scenario take it but don't finish it. Next time they won’t repeat the behaviour.
    3. While eating out remember to order a portion of vegetables as a snack or even as a part of your main dish. Grilled, sautéed and steamed are the best way to eat them.
    4. Don't let people judge you for being healthy. They want to be healthy too but they are just looking to be inspired.
    5. Try eating a fruit while you are stepping out of the house.It will prevent you from eating unnecessary calories.
    6. Sometimes drinking a plain glass of water helps control the urge to eat.The body mistakes thirst for hunger, making you eat food while all it wanted was to be hydrated.
    7. Biscuits with your tea may be adding extra calories to your daily diet. Try skipping them and see the difference over time.
    8. Eating a bowl of salad at the beginning of the meal can also help cut down your total calorie intake.Besides that bowl is packed with antioxidants that help detox & support weight loss.Read to know more about antioxidant rich foods.
    9. Moderation is a better strategy to reduce weight than starving yourself.This habit helps manage your overall eating habits better. Moderation will also prevent you from getting too obsessive about food.It helps the mind understand that your favourite food is there and you can eat it any time.
    10. Go for walks after your meals everyday.Walking is great for digestion and helps improve your blood sugar levels.Read to know more about health benefits of walking after meals.
  • These tips are easy and you can start following them today. So, don't wait and start reducing weight today.