1. Home quarantine till you call designated COVID-19 health authorities.

2. Call the government health helpline number. They will decide the future course.

3. Wear masks at all times and maintain hand and respiratory hygiene.

4. Stay in a separate room, use a separate washroom and separate utensils. If you are using a common washroom don't forget to sanitize all frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, taps, electric switches. Sanitize with phenol (lizol), sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or 70% alcohol.

5. Maintain social distance of at least 1 meter if you are in the same room and wear a mask.

6. Monitor temperature every 4 hours and check oxygen saturation by a pulse oximeter. Maintain saturation of above 95%. Oxygen saturation below 92% may need oxygen supplementation and contact nearest COVID-19 hospital.

7. Warning signs like shortness of breath, confusion, chest tightness, change in taste sensation, bluing of lips, high-grade fever, continuous cough, severe diarrhea needs immediate attention and COVID-19 hospital should be contacted.

8. Stay hydrated, eat nutritious food. Eat immunity booster foods like Vitamin C rich foods, Vitamin D and zinc-rich foods.

9. Follow guidelines set by your district and state authorities and stay away from the elderly (above 60 years), children (below 10 years ), and comorbid patients.

10. Download the aarogya setu app.