Are you stressed most of the time? Has stress become an integral part of your life? Well, everyone faces stress at some point of time in life, and unfortunately, it affects your health, wellness, and lifestyle. 

Stress can cause difficulty in sleeping, constant headaches, appetite changes, and mood swings. It can also weaken your immune system, cause many other health problems, or can aggravate existing problems. 

Being perpetually stressed is not good for you or the people around you. Living a no-stress life may seem unachievable, but you can at least try to control and manage your stress levels. 

Let us look at some of the ways that may help you manage your stress better. 

10 Simple Ways to Manage Your Stress

1. Deep Breathe.

Practising deep breathing and counting to 10 can help a lot to lower your stress and calm you down. You can try practising breathing exercises regularly. Deep breathing helps to oxygenate your blood and cleanses your mind.

2. Laugh Out Loud.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and a good laugh can be the best solution for your stressful situation. Endorphins (chemicals released by the body) are released when you laugh, which improve your mood and decrease the levels of the stress-causing hormones (cortisol and adrenaline). Watch a funny show or video, or spend some time with family and friends to have a good laugh.

3. Listen to Music.

Music therapy can do wonders. When you are stressed, listening to any music that soothes your mind can be helpful. Listening to music has a positive effect on your brain and body. It can lower your blood pressure, and reduce cortisol levels as well. Turn on your favourite track, feel good, and de-stress yourself. 

4. Keep Yourself Busy.

Keep yourself busy with some work when you feel stressed. It can be anything you like, such as cooking food, reading a book, cleaning your house, arranging your cupboard, or finishing all your pending work. By being busy, you can deviate your mind temporarily from the stressful situation, until you feel better. 

5. Pamper Yourself.

It is always great to take care of yourself. Get a massage or facial when you are stressed. A good massage can help relax tight muscles, lower your stress levels, and enhance blood circulation. A spa, massage, or facial can be therapeutic ways of relieving your stress. 

6. Sleep Better. 

Stress and sleep issues are interlinked. Lack of sleep can cause you to feel more stressed. Taking a short nap when you are under stress helps to reduce your cortisol levels. Improvement in your sleeping habits can be the best method for stress relief. 

7. Maintain a Balanced Diet.

Stress can lead to unhealthy eating habits. You might resort to your comfort food and binge on some sugary, fried, or fattening foods. Try avoiding those and include fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts in your diet. A balanced diet provides the extra energy needed to cope with stressful events. You can also add fish to your diet as it has healthy fats and can prevent surges in stress hormones.

8. Meditate And Exercise.

Daily physical activity for at least 30 to 45 minutes can improve your sleep, metabolism, and overall health. Physical exercise and meditation can also help to promote a good mood and is beneficial to your mental health. A healthy body is an indicator of a healthy mind.

9 . Spend Some Time With Your Pet.

Playing or cuddling your pet is the best stress-alleviating activity. As per research, people who have pets generally tend to be in a more positive frame of mind. Spending time with them releases happy hormones that make you feel better. Play with your pet or take them for a walk at any time of the day and you can see your stress reduce.

10. Devote Quality Time To Family And Friends.

Surround yourself with family and friends when you are stressed. Spending quality time with people you love acts as a natural stress reliever. Strong bonds with family and a good relationship with friends promotes a sense of belonging. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with them and having someone validate them can reduce your stress.

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but that does not mean you have to live with it. Mental health is as important as physical well-being. Try these simple ways to manage your stress. If you feel overwhelmed all the time and the stress is affecting your mental state, consult a mental health professional for guidance.

Disclaimer: This article is written by the Practitioner for informational and educational purposes only. The content presented on this page should not be considered as a substitute for medical expertise. Please "DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE" and seek professional help regarding any health conditions or concerns. Practo will not be responsible for any act or omission arising from the interpretation of the content present on this page.