Chickpeas commonly known as ‘CHANA’ in India are available and cooked as daily meal which sometimes can become boring. Add some taste to your CHANAs with these mouth smacking dishes.

Nutritional Facts

One cup of raw chickpeas gives you 50% of daily potassium need, 21% of calcium, 2% of vitamin A,  13% of vitamin C , 69% of iron, 2% of sodium, 55% vitamin B-6, and 57% of magnesium. Also chickpeas are rich in vitamin K, phosphorous, zinc, choline, selenium and copper.

One cup cooked chickpeas contains 269 Calories, 15 g protein, 45 g carbohydrate; 4 g of fat, ZERO… yes… ZERO cholesterol. The amazing health benefits of consuming chickpeas is easily visible as the studies show that type 1 diabetics have low blood glucose level and type 2 diabetics have improved blood sugar, lipids.

Iron, phosphate, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin K and manganese present in chickpeas all contribute in building and maintaining bone structure and strength. Not only this, chickpeas also play a great role in controlling the cholesterol level and are good for your heart. People who are on weight loss diet, you got your friend in that bowl full of chickpeas. So, enjoy the dishes and stay healthy.

1. Chickpea Soup

All you health conscious people out there, soup up with a blend of fresh veggies and chickpeas. Very healthy for people suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol and also helpful in weight loss.

2. Chana Madra

 Straight from the land of gods ‘Himachal Pradesh’, comes a simple but really delicious dish. All you have to do is to cook chickpeas in moderate amount pure ghee and yogurt. This curry will only leave you wanting some more.

3. Bean Chaat

 Yet health conscious people must be wondering how to enjoy the taste of chickpeas without going tasteless. Here is a solution, boil or steam kidney and green beans. Blend them with boiled chickpeas. Add salt and chaat masala. Enjoy your home made healthy chaat.

4. Spicy and Roasted chickpeas

 Roast a bowl of chickpeas with some spices and little olive oil in a microwave. This leaves the natural goodness of chickpeas intact so you can enjoy this delicious recipe without compromising with your health.

5. Ragda

 This mouthwatering dish from ‘Maharashtra’ will leave you speechless. Served with potato tikkis teamed with chickpeas curry wins everyone’s heart. Go ahead, try your tikki in a different way

6. Kushari

 This Egyptian dish will please one and all. This is a blend of rice, macaroni, lentils and chickpeas cooked in a jiffy which creates a magical delicacy. Go Egyptian with your chickpeas.

7. Chickpeas Salad

 Add up some beetroot, kidney beans and some fruits with crunchy chickpeas to create your own tasty delicacy. Add some spices as per your liking. If you are a foodie, go on experiment.

8. Spinach and Chickpeas Daal 

This Maharashtrian dish is rich in Iron, Zinc, Fiber and Folic acid. It boosts the health value as well as it tastes great. Try this dish and impress your guests with your culinary skills.

9. Pindi Chole

 A dry chickpea dish will leave you speechless. This is a famous form of chickpea dish where the chickpeas are prepared dry coated with yummy gravy and tea leaves are used to give it a unique flavor.

10. Masala Chana

 Just the right amount of lemon juice green chillies, raw mangoes or mango pickle, tomato and onion salad mixed with masala chana makes a delicious and nutritious snack. Rich in carbohydrates is a great way to lose weight. This afternoon snack helps you maintain that perfect figure especially recommended for ladies after pregnancy who is striving to get their figure back in shape.

So go ahead people create your own nutritious and delicious recipes with the chickpeas… our very own little CHANNA!!!!