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Opera House, Mumbai

12th Floor, Jain Tower, 17 Mathew Road, Opera House, Landmark: Behind J B Patel Petrol Pump, Mumbai

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Orthofit over the years has acquired abundant skills, experience, and certification from renowned experts of INT'L repute to practice “The Biomechanics related Medical Science” from the ground up. The biomechanics is closely related to engineering and widely practiced by Podiatrists, Physical and Sports Therapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors in the western world while it is nascent to India.PODIATRY: Foot, Ankle, and Lower Limb Biomechanics to maintain all physical structural balance, aligned gait & posture.CLINICAL BRACES & ACCESSORIES: To provide protection, enhance performance and mobility during physical activities and in case of injury as well as age-related joints management.FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE & THERAPY: To maintain and condition healthy muscular and soft tissue strength and flexibility for an active lifestyle and pain-free living.OSTEOPATHY: To treat acute or chronic conditions of the neuromusculoskeletal due to injury and/or faulty biomechanics of the body. We define our success by the number of people whose quality of life we improve. As of date, we have provided a solution to more than 70,000 patients and counting.Our PracticeBased on:Our practice is established to fill the need for managing gait and mobility disorders, foot, ankle and lower extremity pathology and pain syndromes.Our team and network of experienced practitioners carry out evidenced based assessment and customize the multi-disciplinary approach for the treatment of the patient to provide an utmost solution by:- Conducting a detailed evaluation of the physical structure - Biomechanics analysis of foot, ankle and lower limb- Gait & posture analysis (Static & Dynamic)- Identifying and correcting biomechanical discrepancy if any- Identifying and dispensing appropriate customized and clinical product - Providing Ergonomic advice & counseling- Conducting Physical and functional therapy intervention- Prescribing a sports specific exercise program- Formulate and educate a self-exercise programOur practice demands to maintain the highest level of skills and advanced education that would benefit our patients. Orthofit intends to expand its healthcare practice through developing a network of certified therapists and opening its own clinics in major cities all over India.What to ExpectEach patient's assessment begins with preliminary patient education interaction and gathering detailed information by the therapist. A variety of questions are asked to understand the symptoms and the possible cause, patient’s lifestyle cycle and the type of footwear generally worn at work, home and while play, as it is significant for the evaluation. The patient will participate in a number of tests ranging from an examination of minute details of the toes and under the foot (plantar surface) to alignment, posture, a walking gait analysis and a series of motion tests that evaluate muscle strength and flexibility.Our practice emphasis on patient education during and after the evaluation related to the symptoms, cause, physical fitness, lifestyle and optimum solution. Thereafter based on the findings our practitioners:- Will explain how the problem has occurred; identify the cause of the problem and available treatments for the ideal solution.- Recommend appropriate footwear by size, i.e. length & width, shape, and type, best for patient’s condition and lifestyle.- Dispense custom orthotic insoles and ready to wear orthotic footwear.- Provide helpful education and instructions regarding the best practice for acclimating and caring for orthotics.- Recommend a self-exercise regime related to lower limb muscle-strengthening, foot/ankle alignment, and joint flexibility.- Will always take the time to educate, inform and answer questions.- Patients are also provided with reading material on their specific condition and available treatments.Based on the patient’s evaluation, functional and mobility needs, the attending practitioner will select the most suitable clinic products e.g. orthotics from the wide range including the signature series of Vasyli orthotic insoles. The selected orthotic insole is heat molded and required wedges are added to customize the orthotic to the individual foot, in turn, to optimize the foot, ankle and lower limb alignment. In case of complicated cases, the practitioner may not add all the required wedges at the first time so that the patient gets accustomed to converting the basic alignment correction into comfort. The practitioner may call for a follow up subsequently. The practitioners will advise a set of self-exercises program for foot, ankle and lower limb to overcome the initial discomfort the orthotics may cause and for converting correction into comfort. In case of complicated biomechanical issues, the practitioner may prescribe few sessions of physical therapy at the clinic.


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