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Vengal Rao Nagar
Dr. Sri Divya

Dr. Sri Divya - Homeopath

Dr. Sri Divya

BHMS , MSc - Psychology

Homeopathic Doctor

10 Years Experience

Dr Sri Divya is a Homeopath practicing in Vengal Rao Nagar. She has an experience of over 10 years in this field. Dr Divya Practices at Kalpataru Homeopathy. Dr more..


I am(48 years) suffering from depression near about 16 years now. Get treated by many allopathic doctors, completed the course, got result but again the symptoms came back. I also used some sleeping pills over the counter to get a good night sleep, as this was one of my main symptoms. Now I am facing severe depression along with loss of appetite, sleep, motion etc. Feeling hopeless and seems like losing everything in life, not able to concentrate. Now, as allopathy drugs have lots of side effects, I was planning for homeopathy. Is there treatment for old/severe depression in Homeopathy?

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Dr. Sri Divya answered

Hi depression is a condition where there r many underlying causes.try 2 evaluate properly with all i ... View Answer

Sinusitis headache

I had underwent sinusitis surgery in Dec-2015 due to one side nostril got blocked and unable to exhale though that nostril. Till date it was fine but since one month problem started again. My ear fills pressure on it. Mucus comes in throat. More mucus comes after meal. And very much headache and heavyness filling in head. Now I want to cure it permanently through homeopathy.

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Dr. Sri Divya answered

Hi yes surely u can get a complete cure of ur sinusitis problem in homoeopathy.the inherited tendenc ... View Answer

Total immunity booster

Please suggest any good immunity booster for my kis. She is 2 year old and gets fever, vomiting, loose motions very frequently.

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Dr. Sri Divya answered

Go to a gd homoeopathic consultant for constutional remedies which wil boost immunity.

Right Knee injury

Had a bike skid 45 days back, got the knee injury and took rest for a week. With consult of near by General physician medicines used for two weeks Knee pain cured 90 to 95 percent, able to waik and able to bend knee properply. But was unable to sit down (especially unable to use knee down usable wash rooms) and stand immediately due pain a lot in knee. And now a week back again fell down from a height chair/stool and got hurt to same knee (swelling and pain regained). So had MRI scan for my right knee joint, attached the report to this query. In report it is said, ACL complete tear 18mm gap seen, which I want to cure without surgery. Can this be cured without any surgery in homeopathy, Please thoroughly go through it and please provide your valuable detailed suggestions.

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Dr. Sri Divya answered

Hi, Injury to a ligament causing pain and restricting ur daily routines due 2 pain can b surely help ... View Answer

Seborrheic Dermatitis

I am suffering from SD on scalp and have a feeling of itching all over my scalp. I also have flakiness and experiencing hairfall. I have been experiencing same from past 1 yr or so. Few months ago, all symptoms of SD disappeared. At that time my hair stopped falling and hair got thicker and longer. But after 4 months experiencing same again. Can u suggest the treatment course and good doc for this. I also have a history of IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

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Dr. Sri Divya answered

Hi,sd onscan is the main cause of hairfall in most of the people. Recurrance of ur complaint indicat ... View Answer

Skin Allergy Issue

I am facing a severe skin issues on my back and skin on my thighs. Is it due to overweight ? This has been a problem for past 6 - 8 months. Please suggest me if I have to consult.

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Dr. Sri Divya answered

Hi try 2 find the reason as of now u said ur weight.along with that try 2 find the other reasons as ... View Answer

Not conceiving

I want to ask weather homeopathy work in infertility treatment to balance hormone. i m trying to conceive from last 3 year but my follicles i not developing My AMH level is 11.3 & Fsh level is normal but DR. gives me HMG injection for month but result in both the ovaries MsF & he is telling ill give Fsh in injection from this month.

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Dr. Sri Divya answered

Hello,there r gd no. Of medicines in homoeopathy for infertility.i also helps 2 cure the underlying ... View Answer

Unwanted Vellus hair

Hello Doctor, My daughter has a lot of unwanted vellus hair on her face and body, which is visible, and getting darker with time. Is it possible to remove that unwanted hair growth in a safe and painless way? Please reply.

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Dr. Sri Divya answered

Hi vellus hair causes has 2 be evaulated further then treate according 2 cause.

Winter Allergy

Im facing problem of winter allergies which causes sneezing ,watery eyes and nasal drip . please let me know a suitable solution to avoid this and i'm facing this issue from past five years .

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Dr. Sri Divya answered

The problem ur suffering is allergic rhinitis hyperactivity of immune system if changes in atmospher ... View Answer

Corn under foot

I have undergone surgery for foot corn. Bit it seems like that it is returning again. I want to cure it permanently. Is it possible to cure it permanently in Homeopathy?

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Dr. Sri Divya answered

S corn recurance can be cured by homoeopathic medication permanently. There is a strong constitution ... View Answer

Vengal Rao Nagar

, Hyderabad

Kalpataru Homeopathy

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10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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This fee is indicative and might vary.

NOTE: Fees is payable at clinic. There are NO charges for booking an appointment.





MSc - Psychology - Annamalai University, 2007


2006 - 2015 Homeopath at Kalpataru Homeopathy


6407 Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), 2006

Verification Pending


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