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I Matter Clinic With DR Dimple Kaur

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"I" is the core of a person. "I" may appear to be singular however it is constitute of intrinsic and extrinsic micro matters. These have a great impact on "I". "I" is the (i)dentity, Personal(i)ty, Behav(i)our, Percept(i)on and React(i) governed by these micro matters. In other words, an individual's ability to address a particular situation is directly dependent on the micro matters that govern his or her "I".Micro Matters:-Intrinsic Micro Matters: Micro matters that an individual inherits from the parental lineage. These are genetic micro factors that moves from generation to generation. They are very prominent in animals vis-a-vis humans throughout life. In latter however, they hardly have any impact in later lives.Extrinsic Micro Matters: Micro matters that an individual experiences throughout his or her life. Be it education, parenting, peers, friends or any other kind of exposure; they are a "Great Impact".Extrinsic micro matters may be summed up as, Who am "I" and this is dependent on What "I" have experienced or What "I" learnt from it?My"I"Defining My"I" is the point from where the psychology and psychotherapy come into existence. What does it feel,think and do? These are some layering questions that answer What is My "I"?Psychotherapy helps My"I" to discover the alternative, more flexible routes to work around external micro matters and change the mode of defense.MY"I" SYMPTOMS:-An individual copes up with anxieties through his My“I”. My“I” enables a person to react in a certain way. These are perceived as standard reactions of the person.At I-Matter we know them as My"I" Symptoms.My“I”Symptoms as read in psychology, are standard behaviour traits or reactions when the individual encounters personal fears.My“I”Symptoms are well unearthed, decoded and explained by a psychotherapist only. Friends, relatives and dear ones may never be able to understand as to why a person feels so angry or so depressed or afraid of nothing?Unaddressed My“I”Symptoms lead people to drug abuse, alcoholism, beating, depression and panic as they cannot handle a real life situation.My“I”Symptoms are visible in individuals, fighting couples, children and teenagers as anger, depression, loss of confidence etc.The real problem are not My“I”symptoms but the My“I”. At I-matter we help to unearth, decode and address the external micro matters that led to formation of a type of My“I”.Child My"I"Historically it was a general belief that children are smaller version of adults. In other words the belief was that internal micro matters (click to more about micro matter) that make My"I" are major role players to shape up My"I".However at I-Matter we know that it is other wise. We believe that My"I" of a child is shaped up according to external micro matters(click to know more about micro matters). They have larger impact on the mental, physical, emotional and social development of Child My"I".Child My"I" is dependent My"I". The child largely depends on adults. Child My"I" develops a bond of trust with them. It is largely governed by the behavior exhibited by the adult; as this is only the experience it has. Therefore it is of utmost importance that Child My"I" is exposed to right experiences and behaviours.The following external micro factors impacts the Child My"I":Social Behaviour: Relationships with peers and adults have a great impact on Child My"I". The Child My"I" thinks, reacts, learn and develops according to social exposure. Child My"I" needs to be protected against negative social sehaviour like Child Sexual Abuse.Cultural Behaviour: The culture contributes a set of values, customs and way of living that influence development throughout lifespan. Cultural exposure to Child My"I" plays a great role on how it will relate later to adults. Child My"I" needs to be protected against negative cultural behaviour like Domestic Violence)Socio Economic Status Behaviour: Social class plays a major role in Child My"I" development. Children raised in relatively higher socio economic class will have a different Child My"I" than the others. Child My"I is effected negatively due to social behaviours like Alcohol Abuse, Unavailability of Parents and cascading effects of Corporate Stress.Refer to the following table for Negative Impact on Child My"I".Adolescent My"I"When Child My"I" tends to become independent identity,it transforms into Adolescent My"I". Children start reasoning the logics given by the adults. Adolescent My"I" is movement of dependency to independency. Adolescent My"I"expects the Adult My"I" to treat and respect the former as the latter.Adolescent My"I" is a phase of emotional sensitivity and self centeredness. Whole family is affected by same and may need professional support at times.The problem arises when the adults do not accept this My"I" transition and term it has misbehavior. This leads Adolescent My"I" to further get alienated and try to be more independent. The adolescent show recluse behavior, stops talking to parents and hence has his or her own views( that may be entirely incorrect) on subjects not encountered before.Adolescent My"I" also faces other impactful sexual awareness. Most of the adolescents feel embarrassed about their sexual feelings and thus are reluctant to talk about them. The Adolescent My"I" may also be experience Oedipus Complex (in boys) and Electra Complex (in girls).


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