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Dr. Naveen Narendranath

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Dr. Atheeshwar Das

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Dr. Shweta Atheeshwar

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Dr. P. Kumaravel

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Dr. Balasubramanian

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Dr. K.Ravi Kumar

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Dr. Palaniraj A

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Dr. Rajini Kantha

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Dr. Meenakshi Pande

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Dr. Radhi Malar

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Eye Checkup - General

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Eye Checkup in Chennai

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Eye Checkup and why is it done?

A sequence of tests carried for evaluation of an individual’s vision and to check for any eye disorders an Eye Checkup is necessary. A variety of instruments, bright light shining directly at the eye and a request to look at a varied range of lenses will be asked by the eye doctor. Detection of any eye disorder can be evaluated with the help of an Eye Check-up at an early stage. Eye Checkup should be done regularly hence giving the eye care specialist the chance to help the patient and even by helping the patient to adapt to new vision changes and tips to care for the eyes.

When it is appropriate to have an Eye Checkup?

There are several factors that determine that when should an individual go for an Eye Checkup. Depending on the age, risk and family history, the patient will go for the check-up. The general guidelines are:

  1. Children at the age of 3 and lower - usually pediatrician will assess the eye of the child below 3 years of age. A more comprehensive exam should be done between the age of 3 and 5 years.
  2. Adolescents and young school-age children - Checkups should be done every 2 years.
  3. Adults - Between the age of 20 to 30s, should go for an eye checkup once in every 5-10 years. Individuals between the age of 40 to 55 should go for eye check-up once in every 2-4 years. Between the age of 55 to 64, should go every 1-3 years. At the of 65 years, should go every 1-2 years.

The checkups should be more frequent in the following conditions:

  1. If the individual wear glasses or contact lenses.
  2. Having a family history of eye disorders.
  3. Having a chronic disease that keeps eyes at the risk.
  4. Taking medications that cause side effects on the eyes.

How many different types of eye specialists are there?

There are typically 3 types of specialists and they are:

  1. Ophthalmologist
  2. Optometrists
  3. Opticians

What happens during an Eye Checkup?

  1. The eye doctor measures your visual acuity to see if the individual needs glasses or contact lenses to improve the vision.
  2. You'll be given numbing drops in your eyes. Then your eye pressure is measured. To make it easier for a doctor to examine the inside of your eye, he or she will likely dilate your eyes with eyedrops.
  3. After waiting for the dilating drops to take effect, the eye doctor checks the health of the eyes, possibly using several lights to evaluate the front of the eye and the inside of each eye.
  4. Several different tests may be performed during the eye exam. The tests are designed to check the vision and to examine the appearance and function of all parts of the eyes.

What are the different types of Eye Checkup?

  1. Eye muscle test
  2. Visual acuity test
  3. Refraction assessment
  4. Visual field test - confrontation test, manual testing, automated perimetry
  5. Cold vision testing
  6. Slit-lamp examination
  7. Retinal examination - direct exam and indirect exam
  8. Screening for Glaucoma  - applanation tonometry, noncontact tonometry

How are the results interpreted after an Eye Checkup?

The doctor may give the patient a prescription for corrective lenses. If the eye exam yields other abnormal results, the doctor will discuss the next steps for further testing or for treating an underlying condition.

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