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Dr. Deepak Raj


12 years experience overall
200 Consultation fee at clinic
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Available Today
Available Today
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Dr. Sudhakar


22 years experience overall
500 Consultation fee at clinic
Available Today

Dr. Prem Alex Lawrence


15 years experience overall
300 Consultation fee at clinic
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Dr. Joicy


11 years experience overall
200 Consultation fee at clinic
Available Today

Dr. V.S. Hariharan


19 years experience overall
200 Consultation fee at clinic
Available Today

Dr. M. Phani Babu


16 years experience overall
500 Consultation fee at clinic
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Dr. Pavani Thota


10 years experience overall
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Dr. Senthil Kumaran


14 years experience overall
150 Consultation fee at clinic
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FAQs on Dentist

1. Who is a dentist?

2. What education qualifications are mandatory for a Dentist?

3. Should I consult a dentist for bad breath?

4. How many sittings does a dentist take for Root canal treatment?

5. Will a dentist perform surgery for wisdom tooth removal?

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Dentists in Chennai

Dentists are health care professionals that deal with the health of your teeth and gums. They may be working for hospitals or have private practices. Dentists help maintain tooth health and the structure of your teeth. Your oral health has a large impact on your overall health. A dentist’s diagnosis can indicate a number of other issues such as strokes, heart disease and certain types of cancer like pancreatic cancer. Dentists can also educate you on good dental hygiene practices. 

Why should you consult a Dentist?

You should consult a dentist at least once every six months for a routine check-up. This can help with an early diagnosis of more serious conditions. You may need to schedule more frequent consultations if you are a regular smoker, diabetic, have gum disease, have a plaque problem or a weak immune system.

In addition, you may want to consult a dentist if you:

Have bad breath

Have a toothache

Have swelling in the gums

Have bleeding gums

Have a broken tooth

Find it difficult to chew or swallow

Have sores in your mouth

Experience dry mouth

Have dental implants or crowns

What are the types of specialisations?

Dentists may specialize in various aspects of oral health. These are:





Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

How much do Dentists in Chennai charge?

Dental Cleaning - Rs 550-2500

Root Canal - Rs 1700-11000

Dental Xray - Rs 100-1100

Dental Cap - Rs 900-15500

Dental Braces - Rs 21000-190000 

Top 5 Treatments Provided by a Dentist

Root canal

Abscessed teeth are teeth that are injured or cracked and can be treated with a root canal. This involves opening up of the tooth, cleaning the infected tissue inside the tooth and filling the empty spot with a sealant. 

Dental Braces

Braces can help straighten teeth and correct the alignment of teeth by exerting a steady pressure on them. It can also help solve bite related issues. 

Dental implants

There are many different types of dental implants – bridges, crowns, caps etc. This procedure helps replace missing teeth by anchoring false teeth to their neighbouring teeth.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening helps to remove discolouration and stains on tooth enamel. This is a common cosmetic dental procedure that can help improve the patient's smile and appearance. 

Tooth Extraction

This involves the removal of severely damaged teeth that cannot be fixed by fillings. In some cases, healthy teeth may also need to be extracted if they affect the structure of your jaw. 

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