Irregular stools

When I sit and work, there is alot of gas formation in my stomach and the stool is loose and gelly. I go exhausted too after that. What is causing the exhaustion? How can I maintain stability in my stomach functions?
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according to ayurveda , you are suffering from imbalance vata......
possibility or cause of vata disturbance can be due to improper food habit , junk food, sedentary life style ,lack of exercise , less sleep , stress.
the stool your passing  is nothing but the indigestion food passed out  by the body without digesting it .
and u feel less energetic  cause the food is expelled out with out getting digested and hence body is deprived of the required  nutrition.

advice :
correct your diet
avoid junk spicy street food
no aerated drinks
go for a brisk walk
take lot of fibres
do not take pulses , potatoes , brinjals , peas. ..till u recover .they may worsen your problem
have a good sleep

every  night before bed ...drink a glass of hot water along with 1 tspn triphla powder .
and  for breakfast , lunch and dinner ......mix the ajwain powder with the first bite of your meal and consume ....mix 1/2 spoon of ajwain powder with the first morsel.

follow this for 15 days .

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