Diziness after eating
I feel dizzy after eating it is almost to the point of fainting 2-2:30 hours after the meal iam fine
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Your symptoms can be due to a few reasons. First you must understand that after you eat, your stomach digests the food and blood flow is increased to your intestines so that nutrients can be absorbed into the blood stream. As the blood is diverted from periphery (meaning head , neck, legs and arms), these peripheral portions receive less blood supply and therefore, after heavy meals, people tend to feel sleepy and light headed. This is also termed as postprandial hypotension. So, in case you were already having a low general blood pressure (like you would if you were dehydrated), post prandial hypotension can make you feel like you would faint! So, among common causes would be eating a heavy meal (high in fat and protein), or being dehydrated. Another reason for this could be post prandial hypoglycemia i.e. having low sugar immediately after eating due to a harmone stomach releases upon getting food. This is sometimes seen in diabetics.
Next Steps
You may rule out common things first. Hydrate yourself and get your baseline blood pressure evaluated by a doctor. Also get your sugar levels checked.
Health Tips
Try to eat a balanced meal (not too heavy) at regular meal times. Avoid binging and avoid long gaps between meals. Drink plenty of water in between meals.
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