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Dr. R Shanmugasundaram

General Surgeon

23 years experience overall
750 Consultation fee at clinic
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Dr. M R Pari


24 years experience overall
700 Consultation fee at clinic
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Dr. T. Praveen Kumar


24 years experience overall
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Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

General Surgeon

27 years experience overall
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Dr. Kabilan Saminathan


23 years experience overall
500 Consultation fee at clinic
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Dr. P B Sivaraman


49 years experience overall
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Dr. Jameel Akhter

General Surgeon

18 years experience overall
1000 Consultation fee at clinic
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Dr. Ananthakrishnan


23 years experience overall
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Dr. Dhakshayini

General Surgeon

27 years experience overall
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Dr. Ashwin Kumar C

General Surgeon

9 years experience overall
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Best Circumcision In Chennai

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Circumcision in Chennai

Frequently Asked Question

What is Circumcision?

The surgical removal of the skin covering the top of the penis is known as Circumcision. This procedure is common for newborn boys in few parts of the world. Circumcision can be done at any age period but after the newborn period passes the procedure becomes more complex to perform. Few religions consider Circumcision a ritual and can also be a matter of family tradition, preventive health care and or personal hygiene. Whereas, for others, the procedure is disfiguring and unnecessary.

What is the right time for Circumcision?

Circumcision can be done at any period of time but it is ideal to do after a few days the baby is born. Circumcision becomes riskier and complex for babies, children, and men.

How is Circumcision done?

The foreskin is freed from the head of the penis and the excess foreskin is clipped off during Circumcision. The procedure generally lasts 5 to 10 minutes if done on a newborn baby. However, it may take an hour to complete in adult men. The incisions of Circumcision usually heal in 5 to 7 days.

Is Circumcision important?

The circumcision used for medical and health reasons still remains the topic of debate. The health benefits of Circumcision in newborn males outweigh the risk but still, the benefits are not that great to advise circumcision universally. To treat Phimosis a condition where the foreskin is unable to retract or to treat the infection in the penis, circumcision is recommended in older boys and men. The parents of the newborn male baby should consult the doctor about the advantages and disadvantages of the Circumcision.

There are other factors that may affect the decision of the Circumcision such as:

  1. Personal preferences
  2. Culture
  3. Religion

What are the advantages of Circumcision?

Following are the few benefits/advantages of Circumcision:

  1. Lowered risk of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections)
  2. Reduced risk of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) in men
  3. Lowered risk of Penile cancer and also reduces the risk of cervical cancer in the female sex partner
  4. Prevention of phimosis as well as paraphimosis
  5. Also helps in keeping the end of the penis clean

What are the risks of Circumcision?

Like any other surgical procedure having risks, Circumcision also has its own risks but at a low rate. The risks associated are:

  1. Pain
  2. Bleeding and infection at the site of incision
  3. Irritated glans
  4. Inflammation of the opening of the penis
  5. Risk of injury to the penis

Please, consult the doctor to know about the risks and benefits of Circumcision and decide whether to undergo Circumcision.