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What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a procedure, which is acclaimed to be very safe and uses cooling technology to freeze the stubborn fat in your body. The cooled cells then begin to shrink and over a course of a few months get disposed off from the body through the liver.

Since fat cells are not known to regenerate, the improved shape of the body can be expected to last a lifetime.

This procedure is especially effective to do away with fat bulges in upper and lower abdomen (tires), the flank areas (love-handles), the upper arms, and inner thighs. It can also treat various areas of the face including the chin.

Are there any side effects of cryolipolysis?

You may experience temporary side effects while undergoing the procedure and after:

  • intense cold
  • tingling sensation
  • stinging sensation
  • bruising
  • tenderness
  • numbness
  • cramping

These side effects are however considered trivial and are usually well tolerated. They usually last for a period of twelve days or a month or two depending on the area being treated and the patient.

Are there any post-treatment guidelines for cryolipolysis? 

After the treatment, it is advisable to eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water and supplement it with regular exercise to maintain an ideal weight. Other than that there are no specific guidelines as this is a simple procedure.

How many sessions of cryolipolysis will I need? 

The number of treatments required varies from patient to patient. Usually, patients lose around 20% of the fat after the first treatment in a targeted area. Many patients do not feel the need for more sessions after that, for that area.

If you require more treatments, it is advisable to schedule a second treatment at least a month after the first session.

How long will it take to recover after undergoing a cryolipolysis session?

The full effect of a session of Cryolipolysis becomes visible after 2-4 months. Changes are usually visible after 2 weeks. There is virtually no set recovery period after a Cryolipolysis treatment as you can rejoin work immediately after a session.

Am I an ideal candidate for cryolipolysis?

You are an ideal candidate for cryolipolysis, if:

  • you possess a relatively good shape, marred by some areas of stubborn fat bulges, which do not respond to exercise, or a healthy diet and also do not necessarily require surgery
  • you are not pregnant or nursing
  • you are not prone to severe bleeding tendencies
  • you are not obese
  • you do not have active implants in your body such as pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear implant, or diabetic pump
  • you do not suffer from coronary heart disease, or circulatory problems

What is the price of cryolipolysis treatment in India? 

The price of cryolipolysis for fat reduction in India is Rs.3000 to Rs.5000 per session.

Are the results of cryolipolysis permanent? 

Results are considered to be permanent in the areas that have been treated. However, if you do not maintain your weight, chances are the fat will start accumulating in other areas which might not be very appealing.

A reasonable diet coupled with a consistent level of physical activity which includes exercising will guarantee permanent optimal results.


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