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What is laser skin resurfacing? 

Laser Skin Resurfacing is an outpatient process performed by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. 

There are three different kinds of Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment:

  • Ablative laser resurfacing, in which a high powered laser beam is used to remove the top layer of the affected skin.

  • Fractionated laser resurfacing which involves focusing tiny beams of light on the affected skin which penetrates deeply and breaks down old and damaged skin cells while stimulating the production of collagen.

  • Non-ablative laser resurfacing involves using infrared rays to heat the inner layers of the skin. This promotes collagen production and also the creation of fresh skin cells.

How is laser skin resurfacing performed?

In this procedure a laser beam is used to dissolve damaged skin tissue, layer by layer, until a uniform and smooth skin texture is achieved. The doctor may choose to treat your entire face, or alternatively, treat individual affected areas such as wrinkles near the mouth or eyes.  

The following steps are involved in the procedure: 

  1. Your face is cleansed using a solution at the outset, and your eyes are covered.

  2. The doctor administers a topical anaesthetic to numb the individual areas on your skin, marked for treatment. If your entire face is getting treated, the doctor will use general anaesthesia.

  3. A laser beam is then directed to the affected areas of your skin, which burns away the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and heats up the underlying layer of the skin forcing the collagen to shrink

Are there any side effects of laser skin resurfacing?

Be forewarned, that after undergoing this procedure you may experience some unpleasant side effects such as facial swelling, scarring, pigmentation, reactivating cold sores, burning and itching sensation, temporary discolouration, and minor bumps.
It is therefore advisable to first consult a qualified professional dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, to find out if this treatment is suitable for your particular skin condition.

Are there any pre-treatment guidelines for laser skin resurfacing? 

The doctor may ask you to refrain from taking certain medicines, supplements, and vitamins at least 10 days before the procedure. If you smoke, you will be asked to stop smoking at least two weeks before the procedure as it can affect your recovery.  Depending on your medical condition, the doctor may give you antibiotics prior to the treatment to prevent any infection. 

Are there any post-treatment guidelines for laser skin resurfacing? 

Post the surgery you need to clean the treated areas of the skin 4 to 5 times a day and apply ointment to prevent scabs from forming on your skin. It is best to avoid venturing out under the direct sun, and if you do, it is advisable to apply a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher, to protect the skin against the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. 

How many sessions of laser skin resurfacing will I need?

It has been observed that going for at least three to six sessions of laser skin resurfacing treatment produces optimal results.  

How long will it take to recover from a laser skin resurfacing treatment? 

For moderate resurfacing treatments the recovery time usually is between 4-7 days. 

Recovery after deeper resurfacing treatments may take 2 weeks or a month. 

Am I an ideal candidate for laser skin resurfacing treatment?  

This procedure will be ideal for you if you have scars, warts, birthmarks, or facial scarring due to injury or surgery.

This method has also been used to treat skin cancer in its earliest stages. 

You will benefit the most from this procedure if you have a light skin tone and an elastic and non-oily skin since there will be less chance of skin discolouration. 

This procedure is not suitable for you if you are pregnant, or if you have consumed any oral medication for acne in the past one year. It is also not suitable for you if you suffer from immune system disorders, cold sores, active pus-filled acne, connective tissue disorders, and other medical considerations, including taking prescription medicines. It is advisable to discuss your medical history at length with your doctor before undergoing Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment. 

What is the price/cost of laser skin resurfacing in India? 

Cost of LSR can vary depending upon the city/locality,  clinic/hospital type & amenities, experience of the provider, technology used, skin area & skin type etc. Typically, the cost of LSR in India may range between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 5000 per session.

Please consult your doctor to get the exact treatment plan and price quote suiting your unique needs.

Are the results of laser skin resurfacing permanent? 

Results are not considered to be permanent. Acne may disappear for few months or years and may re-appear.

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Patient Experiences

Excellent Laser Skin Treatment
Excellent laser skin clinic in Gurgaon. Wonderful Doctor with excellent dignose. Satisfied with treatment. ...Read Less
Doctor in this story :Dr. Priti Arya
Arya Ent Skin Clinic
Shitiz Cooner
Acne Totally Gone
Very nice doctor,. Had tried many doctors before but wasn't getting results..But after starting treatment from Dr mansak, my acne were totally gone in 15-20 days.. had 1 session of co2 laser from her and my scars have improved a lot....Read Less
Doctor in this story :Dr. Mansak Shishak
aparna srivatsavaya
Acne Gradually Disappearing
He is good doctor. I recommend him to checkout your skin and hair problems. They are offering laser and peeling treatments for our skin and hair problems. I went for acne and dark circle problems they are slowly going out. Please go to his hospital for your skin and hair problems or treatments....Read Less
Doctor in this story :Dr. Nitin Jain
Skin & Surgery International & Asia Institute of Hair Transplant

Questions answered by trusted doctors

Verified User
Hey i want to ask you that i live in sweden and i am going to pakistan for 1 month so i want to have laser skin resurfacing so can you tell me that which types of laser skin resurfacing is done in one month which laser has short recovery time
Dr. Prof. C.R.V.Narasimhalu
Dermatologist, Chennai
It can be done fortnight..5-6 session
Verified User
I have had these acne scars like potholes for a long time and I wish to get rid of them. How much would a laser skin resurfacing cost me?
Dr. Shaurya Rohatgi
Dermatologist, Mumbai
I charge 2000 for full face. Different people charge differently. Please check with a nearby Dermatologist or consult me.

Dr Shaurya Rohatgi MD

Verified User
Hi i had chickenpox last month and my face has got lots of scars because of it,i was thinking to do laser resurfacing ,i wanted to know will it work and whats the down time after one sitting ,how many days will the face be red ,since i am working i wanted to know if the redness will go with in a weekend time
If i do laser on Friday will the redness go by monday.More importantly can i do it for chickenpox scars and black spots and are there any side many sittings is required what would be the cost for one sitting and the total cost.
Dr. Jolly Shah Kapadia
Dermatologist, Mumbai
Hi Thanks for your query. Fractional CO2 resurfacing gives fantastic result. Downtime is at least 5 to 7 days.
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Did you know?

Foods do not cause breakouts

Chocolates do not cause pimples or acne, neither does pizza or fries. In fact, there's little evidence that specific foods actually do cause acne. Staying hydrated and eating a healthy diet, though, can help definitely result in a clear, glowing skin.

Sun exposure can minimize breakouts

Spending small amounts of time (10 to 20 minutes) in the sun can be beneficial for healing acne. Too much sun exposure though can be harmful. It can cause more breakouts and darken existing acne scars.

Do not overclean

Over exfoliating and over cleansing can actually aggravate your acne problems. It can irritate and dry your skin out, and make it produce more oil and then cause breakouts. Overdoing acne treatments can have the same effect. Therefore, stick to a morning and night regimen — cleanse, medicate, and moisturize.

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