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Let’s Clear Those Last Minute Doubts

Is Practo Health Feed free?
Yes, Practo Health Feed is free and available to all doctors.
Do I need a Practo Profile to use Practo Health Feed?
Yes. Practo Profile is needed to use Practo Health Feed.
Do I need a subscription of Practo Reach/Practo Ray/Practo Tab to use Practo Health Feed?
No. Practo Ray, Practo Reach or Practo Tab subscription is not required. However, you will need a Practo Profile to use Practo Health Feed.
Who will read the health tips I post?
All the health tips posted by you will appear on your profile on Subsequently, the same health tips will also be available on the Practo App for iOS & Android.
What kind of health tips should I write?
We recommend that you post interesting tips, which are useful for users in their daily lives. Tips that use too many technical terms may not get a roaring reception.

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