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Lifeberries Health

Lifeberries Health

5 Dentist
10 - 19 years experience
Viman Nagar
₹300 - ₹1800Consultation Fees
96%514 Patient Stories
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Dr. Dragpal Singh Rajput

14 years experience overall
500 Consultation fee at clinic
Sunshine Dental Care

Sunshine Dental Care

1 Dentist
14 years experience
₹200Consultation Fees

Dr. Ashvini Phadnis

16 years experience overall
400 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Surbhi Bhatia L

18 years experience overall
300 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Swapnil K. Rachha

12 years experience overall
400 Consultation fee at clinic
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Dr. Nikita Kaushal

10 years experience overall
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Dr. Jyoti Bhirud

28 years experience overall
FAQs on Teeth Whitening
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Dr. Prajakta More

15 years experience overall
300 Consultation fee at clinic

Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening in Pune

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening is a process of brightening the discolored teeth to its natural color. It is the most efficient process and does not remove any teeth surface. However, this process cannot entirely change the color, but lightens the existing shade.

How are teeth discolored?

The teeth can change from white to not-so-bright yellow color. There are several reasons behind it and few of them are listed below:

  1. Food and drinks - a few major staining food and drinks are coffee, tea, or red wine.
  2. Smoking or tobacco use - tar and nicotine are the two staining compounds found in tobacco.
  3. Age - over the age, the enamel layer becomes thin the yellow part called dentin becomes more visible.
  4. Trauma - if there has been mouth trauma, teeth release more dentin and the teeth affected become darker.
  5. Medications - discoloration of teeth can be caused due to few medications such as antihistamines, antipsychotics, or blood pressure pills. Children exposed to tetracyclin antibiotics may have darker teeth as they grow up and even chemotherapy and head and neck radiation lead to darker teeth.
  6. Excessive fluoride - excessive intake of fluoride from environmental sources (high levels of fluoride in drinking water), more fluoride content in toothpaste, mouthwashes, etc can cause teeth discoloration.

How does Teeth Whitening work?

Teeth Whitening is a simple process and the teeth whiteners contain the hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide as active ingredients and whiten the teeth by breaking the stain on the enamel into smaller pieces and hence whiter enamel will be visible.

Can Teeth Whitening be done on all teeth?

  1. Teeth Whitening won’t work on all types of discolored teeth hence, it is important to talk to the Dentist before going for Teeth Whitening. 
  2. Yellowish teeth will respond well with the whiteners whereas, brown discolored teeth may not respond well. 
  3. The teeth that have discolored after trauma or through medication will not respond to the whiteners at all. 
  4. Whitening won’t work on the teeth with a grey tone or on caps, fillings, veneers, or crowns.

What are the treatment options for Teeth Whitening?

There are 4 ways to brighten up the smile of the patient:

  1. Stain removal toothpaste
  2. In-office bleaching
  3. The dentist prescribed in-house bleaching
  4. Over the counter bleaching products

What are the side effects of Teeth Whitening?

  1. The side effects experienced by the patient undergoing Teeth Whitening are very minor.
  2. Some patient experiences tooth sensitivity after Teeth Whitening as a result of enamel thinning and the bleaching compound contacts dentin that irritate the nerve roots. 
  3. However, in most of the cases, sensitivity is temporary.
  4. Over usage of whiteners can cause damage to the enamel, dentin or gums so it is necessary to a dentist’s directions.

What should be done after Teeth Whitening?

An individual can take the following precautions to avoid further discoloration of the teeth after undergoing Teeth Whitening:

  1. Reduce the intake of sugary drinks and food as that can stain the teeth.
  2. Cessation or stop smoking.
  3. Brushing teeth at least twice daily with the toothpaste containing fluoride.
  4. Visiting the Dentist regularly as recommended.
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