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23 Spine Surgery Doctors in Delhi

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Dr. Abhishek Kumar Mishra

27 years experience overall
1500 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Sanyam Chaurasia

15 years experience overall

Dr. Anil Raheja

Spine Surgeon
27 years experience overall
800 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

24 years experience overall
800 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Om Prakash Gupta

Spine Surgeon
19 years experience overall
1000 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Vikas Jagadish Lal Seth

29 years experience overall
1500 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta

23 years experience overall
800 Consultation fee at clinic

Dr. Rajesh Verma

25 years experience overall

Dr. Shailesh Jain

22 years experience overall
FAQs on Spine Surgery Surgery

Dr. Prakash Singh

47 years experience overall

Spine Surgery

Spine Surgeries Doctors In Delhi

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Spine Surgery in Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Spine Surgery and who can perform?

The surgical procedure that helps in restoring the spine functions by repairing or replacing the damaged part of the spine is Spine surgery. Different types of methods in performing Spine Surgery are as follows:

  1. Discectomy or Microdiscectomy
  2. Foraminotomy
  3. Spinal or Vertebral fusion
  4. Facetectomy
  5. Disc replacement
  6. Laminectomy or Laminotomy

Which specialist can perform Spine Surgery?

  1. Orthopedic surgeon
  2. Neurosurgeon 

What are the applications of Spine Surgery?

Applications of Spine Surgery are the following:

  1. Restores the functions of the spine
  2. Less painful
  3. Decreases damage to the muscles and soft tissues
  4. Early recovery from the surgery

 What are the reasons to get Spine Surgery?

To get Spine Surgery, the following may be the reasons:

  1. ThesisIsthmic spondylolisthesis
  2. Spinal stenosis or tumors
  3. Fractures
  4. Transitional vertebra
  5. Degenerative disc disease
  6. Conus syndrome
  7. Non-dysraphic tethered cord
  8. Degenerative spondylosis
  9. Scoliosis
  10. Thoracic outlet syndrome
  11. Latrogenic cascade
  12. Annular tear 

What are the preparations required for Spine Surgery?

  1. The health condition of the patient may be checked by the doctor before undergoing Spine Surgery.
  2. The doctor may suggest undergoing a few lab tests and other examinations.
  3. About the risks, complications, and uses of Spine Surgery should be discussed with the doctor.
  4. The patient should inform about past and present medical and medications history to the doctor.
  5. A few hours prior to the surgery, the patient should not eat or drink anything.
  6. The patient should sign a consent form before undergoing this surgery/procedure.  

What is the post-surgery care taken for patients?

  1. Avoid lifting heavy weights and bending down for at least 4-6 months.
  2. Consult the doctor if fever, pain, and swelling are present even after the surgery.
  3. Take the prescribed medications as directed by the doctor.  

How much amount should pay for Spine Surgery in Delhi?

Charges for Spine Surgery in Delhi may change depending on the factors such as:

  1. Health condition of the patient
  2. The admission room that you opted for
  3. Type of hospital
  4. Surgeon fee
  5. Post-surgical complications that are involved
  6. Age of the patient
  7. Type of surgery planned to be performed.
  8. Any other lab tests or examination tests such as X-ray, ECG, etc
  9. Admission fee
  10. Type of implants used

Minimum price in Delhi starts from Rs. 45,000.

Average expenses in Delhi is approximately Rs. 1,91,920.

Maximum cost in Delhi rises up to Rs. 5,50,000.

Whether Spine Surgery a major surgery or minor surgery?

Spine Surgery may be a major surgery as it involves removing or repairing the damaged spine.

What is the criteria required for the patients to undergo Spine Surgery?

  1. Patients suffering from sciatica
  2. People with a fractured spine due to accident
  3. Individuals with a herniated disc
  4. People with spinal nerve damage
  5. Individuals with a deformed spine
  6. People suffering from severe back pain due to spine damage

Who cannot undergo Spine Surgery?

  1. Patients who are currently undergoing chemotherapy
  2. Individuals who are pregnant
  3. People whose age is above 70 years
  4. Individuals who are allergic to anesthesia

What are the risks and complications of Spine Surgery?

Spine Surgery has the following risks and complications:

  1. Injury to the spine nerves
  2. Blood loss from the incision area
  3. Fever
  4. Blood clots
  5. Chances of infection
  6. Sepsis

What is the time required to complete Spine Surgery?

Spine Surgery may take about 40-90 minutes to complete.

What is the complete recovery time from Spine Surgery?

The patient may take almost 24 to 48 hours to recover from Spine Surgery.

What is the success rate of Spine Surgery?

A few factors may determine the success rate of Spine Surgery and they are:

  1. Patient age
  2. Type of surgery performed
  3. Experience of the surgeon
  4. Medical condition of the patient

However, the success rate of Spine Surgery maybe around 96%

Does a patient experience any pain during Spine Surgery?

Due to the anesthetic effect, the patient does not experience pain during the surgery.

Is Spine Surgery a permanent surgery?

Spine surgery is a permanent surgical procedure as it repairs or replaces the damaged part of the spine.

What can be the long-term effects of Spine Surgery?

  1. Reduces the symptoms like sciatica pain
  2. Improves the spine function

Is it possible to be detected in the future?

Spine surgery may be detected in the future as small scars will be present at the site of the surgery.

What can be done if Spine Surgery fails?

The doctor may suggest undergoing revision surgery if Spine surgery fails.

What are the alternative methods for Spine Surgery?

Other options for Spine Surgery are the following:

  1. Non–Invasive spinal decompression
  2. Spinal manipulations
  3. Regular exercise or yoga
  4. Annuloplasty or Intradiscal electrothermal coagulation procedure
  5. Back strengthening exercises

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