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Dr. Aakash Chowdhary

Dr. Aakash Chowdhary


General Physician

Medical Registration Verified

Dr. Aakash Chowdhary is a general practitioner, registered with the Delhi Medical Council, India, after getting trained at the Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi.He has his keen interest in evidence-based-medicine and technology-driven healthcare solutions.Practising with the idea of providing holistic healthcare, he provides valuable contribution and data insights to the COVID-19 Open Research, Data & Resources, and has been providing pro-bono medical tele-consultation at the New Delhi Children’s Hospital & Research Centre amidst the COVID19 lockdown.He has also co-authored an art-poetry anthology, titled Elision of Moments, and identifies himself as a curious and pluripotent person, always looking at different avenues to satiate his hunger for learning and information.

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Common questions & answers

Q: Who is General Physician?

A: A general physician (GP) is a medical doctor who specializes in non-surgical healthcare to adults. A general physician treats many diseases that affect the body, whose primary treatment does not require surgery. General physicians treat all conditions related to the cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, haematological, endocrine, and gastrointestinal systems. Some GPs can specialize in any one of the systems listed above.

Q: What are the education qualifications for a General Physician?

A: General physicians are also referred to as primary care physicians. A general physician needs to complete a medical residency for primary care practice after graduating from medical school. The pre-requisites for residency are a bachelor’s degree based on sciences, minimum GPA, medical school, and basic medical training. The candidate should be committed to spend 3 years in residency.

Q: For which symptoms should one consult a General Physician?

A: A general physician is usually the primary contact for any health issue. A general physician treats you for cardiovascular, respiratory, muscle-bone, neurological, gastrointestinal, and endocrine related health issues that can be treated without surgical intervention. So, if you have any symptoms related to any of these systems, you can consult a general physician.

Q: Do General Physicians provide home consultations?

A: General physicians or practitioners provide routine healthcare like physical examinations and immunizations, and treat a host of medical conditions. They usually have regular, ongoing, long-term patients and provide medical care to patients of different age groups. Providing home consultations is a choice that the general practitioner has to make. General check-ups or routine examinations may be provided at home.

Q: Can a General Physician perform surgery?

A: No, a general physician mainly provides non-surgical treatment for a number of health conditions, illnesses, and injuries. A general surgeon and not a general physician performs surgeries. General physicians specialize in primary care and build long-term relationships with the patients. The treatment provided by physicians revolves around basic medication, physical therapy, and other non-surgical techniques to treat various conditions


Awards and Recognitions

Participant Select, Developing Indian Physician Scientists, Wellcome Trust & DBT India Alliance - 2017
State Director, MSAI, Jammu & Kashmir - 2017
Patron, SNO, Jammu & Kashmir - 2020


MBBS - Jammu University, 2020


Student Network Organisation
Medical Students' Association of India
Delhi Medical Council


2019 - 2020 Intern Doctor at Hindu Rao Hospital


26315 Delhi Medical Council, 2020
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