Small boobs
I have smalll breast want to grow it larger how can i ? its too small . everyone teases me .....please doctor help me...
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Dr. Rita Bakshi
Gynecologist 32 yrs exp Delhi
Hello, Here a few tips that might be effective for you. Exercises: Wall Press – Stand in front of a wall with your palms leaned flat against it at chest level. Lean towards the wall until your face almost touches it before you push your body back to its initial position. Do this 10 to 15 times. Arm Circles – Hold a light weight in each hand. Then, extend your arms to shoulder level. Make 10 imaginary circles in a clockwise motion. Repeat the exercises in a counter clockwise motion. Chest PressChest Press – Place a dumbbell in each hand. Raise them with your elbows bent, making sure that they are perfectly aligned with your shoulders. Once aligned, slowly straighten your arms. Do this 10 times for three sets. Modified Push Ups – Lie flat on your stomach with your knees bent, ankles crossed and palms facing down on the floor. Push your body up until your arms are straight before going back to your original position. 2. Fenugreek Seeds for Big Breasts- I am sure you already have heard of this… fenugreek (methi) has a good amount of phyto (plant) estrogen and diosgenin that encourage prolectin hormone which is associated with breast growth. But is popping the seeds enough…? Well yes, it is very much effective. In fact you can also make a paste of these seeds and massage your breasts. The other way to use this remedy is to crack the seeds in a base oil, preferably mustard oil, and massage your breasts with this oil. Fenugreek oil itself is a good option. Fenugrfeek sprouts are even better for breast growth as it has higher amount of diosgenin. You may very well use these as a natural way to enlarge breasts. You can also use fenugreek supplements. Consult your doctor for right dosage. 3. Flax Seeds For Breast Enhancement Rich in Phytoestrogen, Flax seeds, linseed or ‘alsi ke beej’ is a common herb used in North East of India the most. Its an amazing herb that works wonders for increasing your bust size purely naturally and giving ample satisfaction. You can pop in flaxseeds and chew. it has a nutty flavor. Ground flax seeds are healthier as compared to their whole counterparts. You can add it in flour, make a paste along with other herbs to use in food preparation. Flaxseed or linseed oil can be used topically for massaging or in diet as salad topping or seasoning. 4. Yoga: Yoga is an easy way to increase your cup size from a to b or b to c or c to d and so on! Yoga also helps with lifting up the sagging boobs. Check out these easy yoga poses I am about to illustrate. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose It is one pose or asana that every blog or website dealing with breast enlargement does talk about. And I am damn sure you already know how to do it! However, formalities sake I am gonna repeat… but let me warn you, there are many other ways too that really help with breast size enlargement. How to– Lie down on your stomach with your feet joined straight on the floor and put your hands adjacent to your chest. Now inhale and raise your torso upwards with your face looking at the ceiling. Stay in this position for a few seconds and slowly come down to your original position. Repeat this 10-15 times. Dwikonasan or Double Angle Pose Its quite an effective pose for enhancing breast size naturally at home. Although a bit complicated and tough, with practice, you can do it correctly. How to– Stand with your feet apart and your arms behind your back with your fingers interlocked. Now bend down while your arms stretching upwards. Stretch, now bring down your arms and come back to original position. Like this. Ushtasana or the Camel Pose Its a very versatile yoga pose with many health benefits including digestion, lymphatic, endocrine, skeletal circulatory and respiration systems and it even helps reduce fat from arms and thighs!! How to – Sit on your knees slightly apart. Now bend backwards and arch your back with your face upside down. You arm should touch your feet for support. Stay in this position for a few seconds and return to original position. Repeat this pose 10 times.
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