Memory problem in exams
My college is my problem, or maybe the problem is me, I'm studying and do all ican because when I take my exams can pass easily but all I do feels nothing because when I enter the exams can't remember any thing it's like I loss my memory
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Hiee.......... GOLDEN PIECE OF ADVICE! DO READ IT! I would be glad to answer this question as it would prove to be of immense help for students all over the world. It’s a general psychology of every student to be afraid of the questions which he/she would be asked in any exam or viva. Now, what’s the situation is? Let’s understand this point by point! No matter if you have studied for it or not, last night is definately a ‘nightmare’ for you or proves to be a ‘do or die’ sitution as scoring good grades is the utmost goal and your parents expect you to do so. You start studying for it thinking that the whole night is enough for me to crack the exam with good grades. But if you have already worked hard for this exam you always try to give your preparation a final touch spending your night in it or waking up early in the morning. Remember this line? ‘ 4 a.m. The time at which either legends wake up or are going to sleep’ You definately start with full confidence on yourself and you know your limits but with time your plan changes! You start falling asleep and you consider a 2 hour sleep break better and then again move towards your goal. Now, whatever you have prepared the whole night is now going to be tested at the examination center. You got your seat in the hall but still some strange feeling is revolving around you. A fear regarding the level of questions which would be asked especially if it’s your Maths paper! Even if you have studied for it before and just had a revision session in the night you will be afraid of not attempting some questions due to their risk of being tricky ones! So, this is what a student undergoes before his/her exam and it’s a reality easy to accept. Believe me if someone says to you that this doesn’t apply in his/her case then definately they are lying to you :P No one is fully confident before the exam hours. Everyone has some kind of fear in their mind which makes them react in some unusual way. Now keep calm! Listen to my story. It has changed my view towards life and ofcourse has proved to be a boon for me. An advice I recieved from one of the most sincere teacher of mine! I cannot forget it during my whole life and will always be thankful to him for this :) I was in Class XII preparing for the chemistry practical during my last days of my school life. Now, performing the practical is not a big deal but answering the questions to be asked in viva and that too infront of an external examiner is something which was new to everyone at this stage and can prove to be a worst starting for their future experiences. My class was scheduled for the practical exam on the last day of the schedule. Students obviously have a curiosity to ask other students who have undergone the viva session about some typical characteristics of the examiner like the level of questions asked by him or is he/she too furious? The answer was more dreadful than expected and it was not the words speaking, believe me. Pale faces of boys and girls crying during recess hours for not being able to answer even a single question infront of him! You can now clearly think of my situation. Is he a human or an student hunter? Questions haunting my mind. Well, it’s a long description and I don’t want to expand my answer more. My school hours passed horribly or I think it’s not an appropriate word to describe it. Something more was required to create the appropriate effect. I came to home and started studying because two chapters have to be selected from the course from which he will frame his questions. Time passed and came my tuition time ( I started taking chemistry tuitions from my school teacher during my last 2 months in school ). I desperately wanted some words of relief from him but his words worsen the situation. ‘This is the toughest examiner I have ever seen during my 10 years career in teaching’ Now what you could expect from a student? Should he/she be calm? Everyone sitting around me and even the topper got scared but now comes the ‘Golden Part’. Someone asked him about the ways to deal with the situation or ‘Sir please tell us a way for how we should answer him?’ He requested for everyone’s attention and started saying that, “ Never take stress about exams! They are just a way to test our basics and most importantly our attitude towards handling the situation and pressure effectively. That man is asking the basics only but his way of asking is complex and the student’s fear sitting infront creates a havoc in his mind. Tomorrow come to school as if you have no exam! Come cheerfully, discuss jokes with others in bus and don’t even think of a single thing about practical but please make sure that you study at night with a peaceful mind :P I am not saying that’s don’t study. Come like it’s another normal day of your life” I don’t think so that others followed that advice but I took it seriously. I still don’t know how I believed in that as the present situation was enough to make a student feel guilty for not studying the whole year. I followed that advice deeply and genuinely. I studied the last night will my full efforts and had a sound sleep. In the morning I was so normal that even my parents were saying that. ‘You have not studied the whole year and now being normal shows that you are ready to accept the worst grades!” I didn’t paid any attention to it and boarded my bus. During my half and hour journey I discussed about various political events and happenings around the globe with my juniors because my classmates had become ‘book worms’ till now! I reached school and lined up for the practical! In the last second group my name was there. I was with three other people and hopefully all these three were my tuition mates also which I am sure didn’t listened to what sir said the previous evening. One of them was the topper of our class but this time it didn’t affected me much. Came our turn. Finally the time came for which we were waiting! We greeted the examiner with utmost respect and took our seats. He took our introduction and asked us about our 2 selected chapters for viva session. I was surprisingly calm and relaxed :P He started asking the first guy ( I was the third one ). He was asking questions in a circle and when he had finished asking the fourth student, he would could come up again to the first guy for the answer of his question! Clearly it was a “Do or Die” situation for four of us. And then what we all were feeling deep in our hearts started taking control of our oral skills. The first guy was trembling in fear while answering and that was nothing to be surprised of because the question was a little bit technical one, the warning which we all were given by our mates who had suffered this torcher :P The worst part was this that only my question was out of syllabus and it required some smart thinking efforts. So wasting none of those precious minutes I got to save myself from joining the list of those previous sufffered students I started thinking with my full efforts, deeply calmed and came up with an answer. Now, I got enough time to think about it’s applicability and repeating the various contracdictions again and again in mind. The wait was over. So, now tell me your answer for the question I asked to you. I was speaking like I am in a mood of playing rapid fire session but still looked confident from my body language. He doesn’t gave me some unusual look and I knew that my brainstorming skills have took me nowhere :P Now, it was time for the topper girl i.e. the fourth student to answer and it’s natural for we three to expect a beautifully crafted answer from her side afterall students like her don’t even know how to enjoy school life and library is their second home which takes them to some mysterious knowledgeable world. SURPRISING! she gave an asnwer which was not even related to the question she was asked in any way and the examiner gave her 2–3 chances more to correct herself but still it was her bad luck that she failed. The viva session lasted for about 20 minutes and he gave 4 questions to each one of us going through endless cycles of cross questioning during the last questions. Then the session ended and we all wanted some fresh air ( seriously we wanted to go out of this hell ). The ending speech which he gave clearly came different from what specially I was expecting. Only I gave the correct and technically well defined answers to all of his 4 questions for which no other student of this school was able to do that including those brilliant chaps also. It was really a moment for which I think I will fall short of words to describe it in a genuine way. He asked my name quoting me as a calm, knowledgeable student he was searching for. Now, as toppers always enjoy some special privilege our teacher requested to give the girl a second chance to prove herself again but that again didn’t helped. We came out of the cabin and I hugged my then bestfriend. Everyone standing out was surprised to see me reacting to the extraordinary viva session like this! And jealousy was clearly visible in the eyes of the toppers for me but who cares now:P Tears flooded from the girl’s eyes and that was nothing new for us afterall floods like this have already took the school to storm since past 4 days. None of the teachers in the school expected this that I would be able to prove myself in the simplest way possible and moreover the examiner fired words of praise for me. School hours ended and we moved on to the bus and that day my parents now how I lived it to my fullest :) The purpose of me telling my personal experience is not to convey you that don’t study and get involved in some deep thinking so as to come out of every difficult situation but to tell you that studying is important and applying it in the correct way so as to get maximum benefit is the trick everyone of us needs to learn. You can read hundreds of book but if you are not confident on your own skills you are surely doing unjustice to your efforts. Now, I am in college and still this unique trick helps me to overcome every environment I am put to. Anyways have a happy time enjoying and praising yourself if you clearly pass a tough exam time with my advice :) I always think it’s a quote that can change someone's life and bring a difference to their thinking. I write quotes on experiences I get to learn from my everyday experiences and I would love to share them with you :) Do share it with your mates :) I wish you all the best for all the endeavours in your life:)
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