Hello sir My friend masturbates daily 2 times He is hesitant to ask so I am asking From almost one year he masturbates twice a day Will there b any problem in the future Lyk after marriage Or for his health
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Like the answers? Chat privately for 24 hours with the doctor of your choice should know that if a person does it excessively without control most of the time they will develop addiction to it. And this people will be anxious and stressed out by the fear of getting caught by someone so chances of developing anxiety and stress is more in them.If they are addicted to this habit they might find it difficult to concentrate. You should know that to form a semen lot of energy is utilised in the body and in masturbation again lot of calories is burned, so if done excessively might cause fatigue and tiredness. During this act, due to excessive force there might be injury to the genitals. There are evidences which suggest that excessive masturbation might aggravate hair loss and it might cause premature ejaculation which will cause difficulties in concieving in the future. So I suggest you to do yoga and mainly meditation to have some willpower to control your habit. Try to engage in some athletic activities, spend some time with your friends.try to be invovled with your family which gives you a grounded atmosphere. If you are still not satisfied kindly consult a psychologist for further management as it is not a disease but its just a natural thing...
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