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When I was 17 year old, I was unconscious once (also when I was 11 years). When I gone through eeg test, Dr suggested some epileptic symptoms r thr but no medicine is required as he is too young. After that when I was 21, I used to feel lime my lips and eyes are fluctuating while reading without my control and sometimes feeling like falling (like the bed is falling aside while sleeping) just for fraction of seconds. Dr suggested Rex XR 500 mg and I took almost 5 years the fluctuating problem went away but falling feel was thr very few times. I had stopped medicine just before 1 year and started feeling fluctuating feeling again and dr suggested same content medicine Valance OD again. But now I feel numbness in face some times and also in legs and hand. Could you please help me. When can I get appointment. Thanks.
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Hi, it looks like generalized tonic clonic seizures(gtcs). It is also called grandmal seizures. caused by abnormal electrical activity throughout the brain. Most of the time gtcs seizure is caused by epilepsy. It has two phases..Tonic phase: Loss of consciousness occurs, and the muscles suddenly contract and cause the person to fall down. This phase tends to last about 10 to 20 seconds. Clonic phase: The muscles go into rhythmic contractions, alternately flexing and relaxing. Convulsions usually last for less than two minutes. The following signs and symptoms occur in some but not all people with gtcs: Aura: Some people experience a warning feeling (aura) before a grand mal seizure. This warning varies from person to person, but may include feeling a sense of unexplained dread, a strange smell or a feeling of numbness. A scream: Some people may cry out at the beginning of a seizure because the muscles around the vocal cords seize, forcing air out. Loss of bowel and bladder control:This may happen during or following a seizure. Unresponsiveness after convulsions: Unconsciousness may persist for several minutes after the convulsion has ended. Confusion: A period of disorientation often follows a grand mal seizure. This is referred to as postictal confusion. Fatigue: Sleepiness is common after a grand mal seizure. Severe headache: Headaches are common but not universal after grand mal seizures. During seizures, Gently roll the person onto one side and put something soft under his or her head.Loosen tight neckwear.Don't put anything in the mouth — the tongue can't be swallowed and objects placed in the mouth can be bitten or inhaled.Don't try to restrain the person. Note how long the seizure lasts. Gtcs is an medical emergency. Go for CT brain, EEG again. Consult neurophyscian for furthur evaluation and treatment.
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