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Ms. Samara Mahindra - Dietitian/Nutritionist

Ms. Samara Mahindra

Master of Communication (Corporate Communication) , Integrative Nutrition Health Course

Dietitian/Nutritionist , 8 Years Experience

Ms. Samara is a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and Breast Cancer Recovery Trainer. She is also a qualified personal fitness trainer from the American Acad more..

Recduing weight

I want to reduce my weight in 3 months with out any side effect I do daily exs and BT itns not working plz help and when I do any exs I will face have back pain plz help me...

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Ms. Samara Mahindra answered

Hi How is food intake? 70% is the food you eat and 30% exercise. Please make sure you are following ... View Answer

Erratic Sleeping & Eating

I work from 3pm to 1 am and cant sleep once I am back home. My food habits are also messed up. Because I cant sleep for as long as 3 am to 5 am, I get up late, hence missing breakfast, then having heavy brunch some days, even missing lunch and then getting hungry by 7-8 pm and then not being able to have proper dinner also. I need to know what to do to sleep well at that time, food habits to keep to sleep well as well as eat healthy. Thank you.

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Ms. Samara Mahindra answered

Hi I would suggest start a routine that you follow diligently everyday. This routine should include ... View Answer

Diet plan - Thyroid cure

Can we cure thyroid by proper following diet plan ? I am suffering from thyroid. It would be great I we can control it by diet instead of taking medicines

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Ms. Samara Mahindra answered

Yes absolutely can however I would suggest seeing a doctor and weighing your options. It depends on ... View Answer

Benson Town

, Bangalore

Carer Program Cancer Recovery & Rehabilitation Center

Sweet Home Apartments, Bydarahalli, Landmark : Near Jama Masjid, Bangalore


9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

INR 500

This fee is indicative and might vary.

NOTE: Fees is payable at clinic.There are NO charges for booking an appointment.

This fee is indicative and might vary.

NOTE: Fees is payable at clinic. There are NO charges for booking an appointment.




Master of Communication (Corporate Communication) - Bond University, Australia, 2009

Integrative Nutrition Health Course - Institute of Integrative Nutrition, 2016

Experience View all (4) View less

2014 - 2014 Cancer Exercise Specialist at Portland, Oregon
2014 - 2014 Breast Cancer Recovery Trainer at Portland, Oregon
2015 - 2016 Holistic Health Coach at New York, Us
2014 - 2016 Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition at Cornell and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation

Awards and Recognitions

Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition – Cornell University & T Colin Campbell Foundation - 2016

Founder & CEO of CARER Program – Cancer Recovery and Rehabilitation - 2016


The Role of Nutrition in Fighting Cancer

2017-03-28 10:04:38

We all know the need for proper nutrition while recovering from cancer. But have you ever wondered how the right diet actually helps you recover? Dr. Patrick Quillin has the answer for you. Cancer is a “wasting disease”, treatment for cancer often leads to loss of muscle tissue in patients. [...]

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Learn How the Power of Visualisation Can Help You Heal

2017-03-25 11:22:31

The power of visualisation is often underestimated in the process of healing. The mind and the body are strongly interconnected. If you visualise correctly then your mind can create real effects in the body. If we are able to visualise what we want it becomes possible for us to achieve it. Luke [...]

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Learn About Kidney Cancer and Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With These Helpful Prevention Tips

2017-03-12 21:51:42

Kidney cancer is a stubborn disease. If detected in the early stages it’s relatively easy to cure and the survival rates after 5 years is also high. It’s important to raise awareness about this disease as it’s different from other types of cancers.

Treating Kidney Cancer

Chemotherapy [...]

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The Importance of Exercise and Rest in Healing Cancer

2017-03-09 22:14:57

What is the importance of regular exercise for cancer recovery? Here are some of the benefits of exercise for a cancer patient.

  • It speeds up cell production
  • It strengthens immune function
  • It improves blood and lymph circulation which removes toxins from the [...]

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5 Superfoods That Should Be in Your Diet

2017-02-23 11:15:09

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates

The above saying is absolutely true as eating healthy improves our immune system and thereby protects us from all diseases. I’m pretty sure most of us today are not eating healthy all the time, so here are few [...]

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If You Thought Cancer Was Genetic, Think Again!

2017-02-19 18:41:45

Many studies have suggested that cancer is overwhelmingly a result of environmental factors and not down to bad luck or genes. Even if you have a higher predisposition to cancer because of your genes, this might be reversed and here is where the study of epigenetics comes in.

Epigenetics [...]

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Gallbladder Cancer - How Do We Prevent It?

2017-02-06 13:11:20

The gallbladder is a part of a the body that stores bile juice which is secreted by the liver to help in the digestion of foods through the small intestine. Inflammation in the lining of the gall bladder and gall bladder stones are the most common causes of gallbladder cancer. Even though [...]

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Poopology: What Your Bowel Movements Say About Your Health

2017-01-28 23:25:34

We live in a time where digestive problems is almost normal in every individual. Chronic constipation seems to be reigning high amongst the older generation, while indigestion, flatulence and a weak digestion system is found more so amongst the youth. No matter what age, a healthy digestion is [...]

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Protecting Yourself From Any Illness: Immunity & Inflammation

2017-01-25 14:53:18

In continuation to our last post regarding the importance of immunity, “This is how you protect yourself from any illness” we continue with the correlation between immunity and inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s response to protect itself from injuries and infections, and [...]

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Can Brain Age Make You Smarter?

2017-01-23 14:01:33

Before we understand the co-relation between food, exercise and brain age, let’s know what is the function of the brain?

Brain and its function

The brain consists of three main parts i.e., cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem. The cerebrum is responsible for speech, memory, senses, [...]

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