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How much does Tonsillectomy cost in Mumbai?

The cost of Tonsillectomy depends upon multiple factors and ranges from Rs. 13,650 to Rs. 65,100 in Mumbai.

  • Minimum amount of Tonsillectomy in Mumbai starts from Rs.13,650
  • Average cost of Tonsillectomy in Mumbai is approximately Rs.45,167
  • Maximum price for Tonsillectomy in Mumbai is up to Rs.65,100
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Why does Tonsillectomy cost vary for different patients?

The following are the factors which determine the cost of Tonsillectomy:

  • Doctor’s consultation charge
  • Type of Hospital selected by the patient
  • Patient’s age
  • Admission charge
  • Type of Tonsillectomy performed by the doctor
  • The health condition of the patient
  • Post-surgical complications which are involved
  • The admission room that is opted by the patient
  • Any other lab tests or examination tests such as X-ray, scanning, etc.
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What is the cost of different components of Tonsillectomy in Mumbai?

Cost of Tonsillectomy includes several components like Pre-procedure cost, surgery price, medical charges, and Post-procedure amount

Cost for a specific part of Tonsillectomy in Mumbai is the following:

  • Pre-Procedure price:- Rs.1,700 (Blood test, Throat swab)
  • Surgery cost:- Rs. 44,000‬
  • Medical charges:- Rs.1,000
  • Follow-up session cost:- Rs.600 per consultation
  • Day Care: Rs.3,000
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How much is the cost of treatments related to Tonsillectomy in Mumbai?

Following are the cost of different treatments related to Tonsillectomy in Mumbai:

  1. Approximate price of Cold scalpel or cold knife surgery in Bangalore:- Rs.38,500‬
  2. Approximate cost of Ultrasonic or Harmonic dissection in Bangalore:- Rs.55,000
  3. Approximate amount of Electrocautery Tonsil removal in Bangalore:- Rs.48,400‬
  4. Approximate charges of Microdebrider Tonsillectomy in Bangalore:- Rs.63,800‬
  5. Approximate cost of Bipolar radiofrequency ablation in Bangalore:- Rs.66,000
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