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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik

Dr. Udayan Bhaumik - Psychiatrist

Dr. Udayan Bhaumik

MBBS , Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry

Psychiatrist , 2 Years Experience

Trained in diagnosing and treating all major psychiatric disorders like deaddiction psychosis(including schizophrenia), bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive d more..


One of my friend is undergoing Depression. How is the best way for me to react to her. Are there anything's that I should be concerned of. Any help would be greatful.

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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik answered

It is a very important matter.You must be genuine,patient and soothing.At the same time not blindly ... View Answer

Always feeling sleepy

I always feel sleepy don't know y? I just can't wakeup as I want to it always like I want to sleep. For 12 12 hour I use to sleep sometimes. I feel like I'm fainting always it happens I have Started to gain head pain after a day when I had got cold. Doctor said I have sinus problem. could any one help me.

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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik answered

Check for thyroid profile and anaemia(most important).Any sleep disturbances should be ruled out.


Can anyone refer a anti depression medicine??I need to have some medication badly. I can not concenctrate to my works.everything is happening negetive in my life right now.

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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik answered

Please do not self diagnose yourself.Rather seek the opinion of a psychiatrist.

Generalized anxiety disor

Since last 2 days I've been having too much thoughts and it feels like it'll stay like this forever. This mere thought of me not getting well scares me every time. I want to feel normal again please help. The anxiety is for no specific reason even smallest of things scare me. Also when I'm ok i feel as if the thoughts will come again in my mind and they scare me again. I feel like my whole life is now wasted and I'll have to live it with being retarded. I read about GAD online and it scared me more. Watching anybody happy makes me feel jealous as i can't be like that anymore . I will be veeeery thankful if you could provide some help. I don't wanna die or live the rest of my life like this. I have dreams and expectations from my life to fulfill but if this disorder isn't cured I'm not sure I'll ever be like i was before. PS: Had weed a week ago but everything was fine all this while i don't know what to do. Please help.

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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik answered

Hello.I can understand your fears and your anguish.Your situation needs thorough assessment and my a ... View Answer


Hi doctor, I am writing this query for my grandma. She is telling something everyday which is actually not happened.while watching TV, she will relate everything to her life (if one guy is arrested in news and if name of guy is her brother , she will relate to her life). Also she thinks that somebody is living on terrace of house and claiming that they are trying to steal her house and properties around house. One day she prepared food for those imaginary peoples (people on terrace) and she told that they are starving. But whenever she meet a person from outside , she will smile and talk normally . She will tell everything Infront of close ones. She is having a good memory of the things happened. Also she thinks that something will happen to her house if she sees some news regarding some house demolishing news. We consulted one physiatrist nearby , but no effect . What it could be? Even we are not getting a clear picture of what is going on.

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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik answered

Hello.this may be psychosis or early signs of dementia.Please consult a psychiatrist.

Anger & anxiety

I have been suffering from uncontrollable fits of anger during which i do not remember the events and my actions. I get violent and unreasonable during these periods and i suffer from a constant sense of anxiety, lethargy and feel down all the time. I feel as if I am all alone and i have been giving a lot of trouble to my family and loved ones. After the episode i feel guilt and helplessness. I cannot address this issue anymore.

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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik answered

Seems like agitated depression as Sir has rightly pointed out..

Trouble sleeping

I have trouble sleeping the night before exams. And I'm taking an exam a few days from now. So, I was thinking of try out a MILD sleeping pill... After doing some research I found that Zaleplon was the best fit, it is mild (lasts only 4hrs) and doesn't have any drowsiness the next day. I want a second opinion. Is Zaleplon fine? Shall I buy Zalep 10mg? I also come across Nitrest but I think that is a bit more strong (effect is 8hrs and there can be headaches or drwoziness next day). I don't want anything strong because I don't want to have headaches or memory problems the next day as I'll have exam. Please opine. Thank you!

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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik answered

You should not take sleeping tablets by yourself.There are much better alternatives.

I crave for sweets

I have craving for sweets and usually end up eating a lot of sweets and then repent.. Is it a sign of depression?

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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik answered

To answer your question,craving for starchy food is a sign of atypical depression but sweets also ha ... View Answer


Is there any difference between escitalopram and escitalopram oxalate As I was taking nexito that was escitalopram and now there is no nexito in shop so can I take a medicine which has escitalopram oxalate

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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik answered

If Nexito is not available you have other brands like Rexpra,S-Celepra,Feliz s etc..

Extreme mood disorder

I dnt feel good about myself.I have a very loving family.But I always experience bad vibes from people I meet other than my family and face anger issues.I am so scared of people around me that I left my job and even can't handle housemaid's presence.I am sick of living like this.I want to party and enjoy but am so scared that as I will meet others they will judge me,hurt me or evil eye on me.This has made me depressed and very sad. Please help me to feel good.

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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik answered sorry to hear about this.The problem you are describing is not simple.There may be a lot ma ... View Answer


, Kolkata

Neuropsychiatrist Clinic

2/1A, Rakhal Mukherjee Road, Kolkata

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6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

INR 400

This fee is indicative and might vary.

NOTE: Fees is payable at clinic.There are NO charges for booking an appointment.

This fee is indicative and might vary.

NOTE: Fees is payable at clinic. There are NO charges for booking an appointment.

a week ago
Visited For Sleep Disorder Treatment
Yes very good Experience , He is very humble and careful about patient .During Durga Puja (2016 ) on some emergency we visited his clinic .
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Dr. Udayan Bhaumik - Psychiatrist
Thank you..


Bipolar Disorder Treatment
Depression Treatment
Depression Counselling
Schizophrenia Treatment
Psychoanalysis to Suicide
Psychosis Treatment
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Counselling
Anxiety Disorders Treatment
Sleep Disorder Treatment




MBBS - Sri Siddhartha Medical College, Agalakote, 2013

Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry - Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, 2016


2014 - 2016 Resident at Kasturba Medical College

Awards and Recognitions

Member Of Indian Psychiatric Society - 2016


Indian Psychiatric Society


74861 West Bengal Medical Council, 2016

Verification Pending


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