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Practo Consult helps doctors connect with millions of patients and answer their questions from anywhere.

Let’s clear those last minute doubts

Is Practo Consult free?
Yes, Practo Consult is currently free for both, patients and doctors.
Do I need a Practo Profile to use Practo Consult?
Yes. Practo Profile is needed to use Practo Consult. Registering for Practo Consult will allow you to create a free Practo Profile if you don’t already have one.
Do I need a subscription of Practo Reach/Practo Ray/Practo Tab to use Practo Consult?
No. Practo Ray, Practo Reach or Practo Tab subscription is not required. However, you will need a Practo Profile.
What kind of answers are expected for questions asked in the free Public Q/A part of consult?
We do understand that an accurate diagnosis may not be possible without detailed consultation. Therefore, desirable answers should put the problem in the right perspective and steer the patient towards appropriate action.
Can I use Practo Consult according to my schedule?
Sure. Practo Consult allows doctors to choose time slots based on their availability. You can also limit the number of questions per day.

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