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How much does Hemorrhoidectomy cost in Delhi?

The charges for Hemorrhoidectomy depends upon multiple factors and ranges from Rs.21,903 to Rs.82,688 in Delhi.

  • Minimum cost in Delhi starts from Rs.21,903
  • Average Price in Delhi is approximately Rs.40,950
  • Maximum amount to be paid in Delhi is up to Rs.82,688
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Why does the cost of Hemorrhoidectomy vary for different patients?

In Delhi, Expenses for Hemorrhoidectomy may vary between individuals based on :

  • Type of Hospital
  • The medical condition of the patient
  • The admission room that you opted for
  • Doctor fee
  • Age of the patient
  • Post-surgical complications that are involved
  • Type of surgery planned to be performed
  • Admission fee
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What is the cost of different components of the Hemorrhoidectomy in Delhi?

Cost for Hemorrhoidectomy in Delhi includes sections like Pre-surgery cost, surgery cost, Post-surgery cost, medical cost, and daycare, etc.Cost for the sections in Hemorrhoidectomy for Delhi are:

  • Pre-Procedure cost:- Rs.2,500-7,000 [Gastric Profile (Blood test, Abdomen Ultrasound), UGI Endoscopy]
  • Surgery cost:- Rs.68,250- 78,750
  • Medical cost:- Rs.1,500
  • Consultation fee:-Rs.600 [After Surgery]
  • Should stay in the hospital room for 2 days [Rs.8,000]
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How much is the cost of treatments related to Hemorrhoidectomy in Delhi?

Following are the cost of different treatments related to Hemorrhoidectomy in Delhi:

  1. Approximate amount paid for Open Hemorrhoidectomy in Delhi:- Rs.78,750

  2. Approximate cost of Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy in Delhi:- Rs.26,250

  3. Approximate price of Rubber band ligation in Delhi:- Rs.31,500

  4. Approximate estimate for Closed Hemorrhoidectomy in Delhi:- Rs.47,250

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