Type 2 Diabetes
I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes around 2 years back. fasting is between 90-110 and with food is 180-210. I take karela powder 30 minutes before meal. Also, do a mild exercises (not in routine) I have a software industry job of 10 hrs approx. Break fast and lunch time is fixed. But there is no fixed time of dinner. I skip some time, take salads or heavy food sometime. My question is is it necessary to take medicines? I mean I dont want my body to be dependent on diabetic medicines. I occasionally drink whisky (no other form of alcohol). 3-4 ciggs a day. my weight is 96 and height is 5'10. 2 years back I went to doctor as i got candidiasis on penis. so, there I came to know that its because of excessive sugar in body. From that day I have stopped eating sugar. Occasionally on festivals I take sweets. Please help me, the sugar is increasing slowly for me and I dont want to be a medicine dependent person. Organic things like karela powder, neem leaves, etc will help or not?
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You can eat melon Carbo, proteins 40℅ each fat 20℅
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