How to use prega news kit

10 days delay in periods ! Took urinary test which drew a line on d T line and nothing on the C ! It indicates tht test is invalid ! Did three times and all the three are invalid ! Wht should i do? Plz suggest asap !

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Dr. Reena Kawatra Gynecologist | Gurgaon

Go for betahcg blood test which will clear all ur doubts.

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We had sex on 1st july and todays morning (5 july) i have tested. Prega news give negative result...does the result is correct ??

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Dr. Divyaa Gynecologist | Chennai

No wen u did and wat is the duration of the cycle. Test is incorrect

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Was it 100% correct? Is it right device to check the possibility of pregnancy test? Pls pls pls rply as soon as possible u can. Thanks you!

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Dr. Imran Khan Sexologist | Gurgaon

No test is 100 fool proof,but one step pregnancy test is easy n reliable test....

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When to use prega news.. Means shall i use first urine of the day? Or any?..........................

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Dr. Sarabjeet kaur Homoeopath | Delhi

You can use any but first urine is more preferable.

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After how many days of intercourse does Prega news pregnancy device gives the test result? Please specify me the days!

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Dr. Ishwar Chandra Rai Ayurveda | Agra

Hello To get better results check it after one month of last menstruation.

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I had unprotected sex on new years eve. I have pcos so my period dates keep fluctuating. Today is 26th jan.. i took strip test (prega news) its showing invalid even on 2nd time! Am i pregnant?

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Dr. Aparnaa Panda Obstetrician | Bangalore

Confirm pregnancy by bHCG blood test

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Dear Doctor, We had protected sex, but the menstrual cycle of first month has missed. It was scheduled on 18th Jan. Abdomen cramps were dere but no menstruation. As per pregnancy strip test it was done twice and both the results showed invalid (no lines). She have a polyceastic ovary and had missed menstruation before also. Should it be anything t


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Dr. Astha Jain Mathur Obstetrician | Indore

Dear Practo User, Contraceptive failure can occur sometimes, And a pregnancy strip test takes minimum of 7 days over the expected date of menses to show any result.. Don't panic , wait for 7 days a

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