Mr. Prof. Hr. Salaaudeen Wahaab

Mr. Prof. Hr. Salaaudeen Wahaab

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Yoga Vidya Pranic Psychotherapy Course, Cristal Healing Course, Certificate in Arhatic Yoga, MD - Acupuncture



17 Years Experience

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Prof. Dr. A. W. Salaaudeen belongs to a hereditary medical family. He was basically practicing Siddha and Homeo following his father. When he was in Singapore in 1987 he came to know about acupuncture. But he couldn’t have the opportunity to practice acupuncture because of lack of awareness among the public about this system.He started acupuncture practice enthusiastically after the contact of Prof. Dr. C. Abdulla Sehu who is dedicated his life to promote this system, and he is the founder – president of ATAMA (All Tamil Nadu Acupuncture & Alternative Medical Association).Prof. Hr. A.W. Salaaudeen personally trained more than 600 students in his center and he mainly given crash training and personalized training to many experienced allopathy doctors and persons from other branch and paramedical field.He generalized various systems and made an excellent training module out of his experience.He made a record by specializing acupuncture anesthesia in tooth extraction with the support of Dr. D. Ramesh M.D.S., 48 years experienced Maxilo Facial Surgeon and an experienced pranic healer.He is doing many researches to simplify the implementation method of this acupuncture by combining pranic healing techniques and made a new system called pranic acupuncture.To develop pranic acupuncture he is conducting lots of awareness programme and free acupuncture medical camps in remote villages, schools, colleges, educational institutions, service organizations, state and central government offices, public service departments etc., and established branches in the name of Dr. Wahaab’s Pranic Acupuncture and Complementary Therapies. His future plan is to establish hundred clinics in the same name to serve more people. His vision is to create an acupuncturist in every family to achieve disease-free drugless world.

T Nagar, Chennai

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Yoga Vidya Pranic Psychotherapy Course - All India Yoga Vidya Pranic healing Foundation Trust, 2006
Cristal Healing Course - All India Yoga Vidya Pranic healing Foundation Trust, 2006
Certificate in Arhatic Yoga - All India Yoga Vidya Pranic healing Foundation Trust, 2011


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1975 - 1981 Healer at H M Hospital
1981 - 1991 Healer at Dr.Wahaab Hospital
1991 - 1996 Healer at Annai Natural Cure and Research Centre
1996 - 2000 Healer at Dr.Wahaab's Natural Cure & Research Centre
2000 - 2002 Heaelr at Dr.Wahaab's Acupuncture & Complementary Therapies

Awards and Recognitions

Best Acupuncturist - Gold Medal - 2003
Best Acupuncture Trainer - Gold Medal - 2003


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