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Human Herpes Virus 6 DNA


Human Herpes Virus 6 DNA

Also known as Human Herpes Virus 6 Dna Pcr Blood
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What is this test?

This test is used to find out the Human Herpes Virus 6 DNA in the blood.

What is the Human Herpes Virus 6:

Human Herpes Virus 6 HHV-6 is a set of two closely related herpes viruses. They are HHV-6A and HHV-6B. HHV-6 is now known as T-Cell Lymphotropic Virus. HHV-6A is mainly identified in the individuals who have a poor immune system. HHV-6B infection commonly occurs in children aged 6-24 months and causes fever-induced seizures. HHV-6 primarily infects and replicates in lymphocytes. This infection is mostly seen in the individuals who have undergone organ transplants or those with HIV infection. The exact mode of transmission of HHV-6 is not identified, but it may transmit through saliva or genital secretions. HHV-6 stays for longer periods in the human body.

Why This test Is Performed:

This test is performed to check the presence of Human Herpes Virus 6 DNA in the blood. The doctor may ask you to undergo this test if you are suffering from symptoms such as fever, body pains, poor immune system response. If you are experiencing respiratory problems, multiorgan disease, encephalitis, bone marrow suppression then the doctor may recommend this test.

If you are on the treatment for Human Herpes Virus 6 HHV-6 then the doctor may ask you to perform this test to evaluate and to check the effectiveness of the treatment. Mostly, this test is done along with other tests to confirm the diagnosis. This test also helps to detect viral shedding in asymptomatic individuals.

How Often This Test Should Be Performed:

If you have been diagnosed with HHV-6, your doctor may advise you to get this test done once in 2 years based on your clinical condition. If you are a healthy individual above the age of 35, your doctor may advise you to undergo this test either on a yearly basis or every other year.


Some medications may change the test results and hence you are advised to inform all your current medications to the doctor prior to the test.

Test Preparation

Inform your doctor if you are on any medications, have any allergies or underlying medical conditions before your Human Herpes Virus 6 DNA. Your doctor will give specific instructions depending on your condition on how to prepare for Human Herpes Virus 6 DNA.

There are no specific preparations required for this test.

Understanding your test results

The test results may be different depending on gender, age, health conditions, and other factors.

If the test results are negative it may indicate that there are no Human Herpes Virus 6 HHV-6 DNA in the blood and no infection of Human Herpes Virus 6. The negative results do not rule out the possibility of the infection and hence retesting is recommended after a few days.

In case the test results are positive it may indicate that there are Human Herpes Virus 6 HHV-6 DNA in the blood and an infection of Human Herpes Virus 6.

Based on the test results, your doctor may advise appropriate medical treatments, lifestyle modifications, or further diagnostic tests.

GenderAge groupsValue
UNISEXAll age groupsThe presence of HHV 6 antigen indicates positive test
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