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Chromosome Analysis Pediatric Leukemia Karyotyping Bone Marrow


Chromosome Analysis Pediatric Leukemia Karyotyping Bone Marrow

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What is this test?

This test is used to identify various gene mutations associated with the incidence of cancers related to blood and bone marrow in children(pediatric). This test is performed to diagnose a chromosomal abnormality or genetic disorder which might play a role in the incidence of certain types of leukemia (cancers of blood and bone). This tests are accurate and have a low rate of false positive results.

What is leukemia?

The term leukemia refers to the cancers which affect blood, bone marrow, and lymphatic system. Alterations of certain chromosomes in an individual may lead to the abnormal development of cells present in blood, lymph or bone marrow. These abnormalities would have been developed due to certain risk factors which include the previous history of cancers, genetic disorders, chemical exposure (radiation, benzene, pollutants in water or food), smoking, family history of similar illness, etc.

These cancers can be either acute(fast progressing) and chronic(slow progressing). The signs and symptoms develop more rapidly in acute leukemia when compared to chronic leukemia and require more responsive and aggressive treatment. Based on the cells affected leukemia can be classified as myelogenous leukemia(acute/chronic), lymphocytic leukemia(Acute/Chronic).

Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) are most commonly found in children. ALL can also occur in Adults.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and other types of cancers such as hairy cell leukemia, etc occur in adults. Early diagnosis of these conditions can help in better and effective therapeutic management.

Why is this test recommended?

This test is recommended by the doctor to evaluate the condition and develop appropriate treatment by assessing the gene mutations present in the given sample of an individual if they have already been diagnosed with leukemia.

This test may also be recommended to children if they experience signs and symptoms such as unexplained weight loss, frequent fevers, fatigue, bone pain, generalized weakness, easy bleeding or bruising, anemia, etc.

Test Preparation

Inform your doctor if you are on any medications, have any allergies or underlying medical conditions before your Chromosome Analysis Pediatric Leukemia Karyotyping Bone Marrow. Your doctor will give specific instructions depending on your condition on how to prepare for Chromosome Analysis Pediatric Leukemia Karyotyping Bone Marrow.

Understanding your test results

Positive test results indicate the presence of one or more gene mutations associated with the incidence of cancer.

Negative test results indicate the absence of gene mutations and might require further diagnostic tests.

Based on the test results, your doctor may advise you appropriate medical treatments or further diagnostic tests.

GenderAge groupsValue
MALEAll age groupsResults depend on the type of chromosomal anomaly/ abnormality
FEMALEAll age groupsResults depend on the type of chromosomal anomaly/ abnormality
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