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Calcium / Creatinine Ratio Colorimetric Random Urine


Calcium / Creatinine Ratio Colorimetric Random Urine

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What is this test?

Calcium/creatinine ratio random urine test is used to diagnose hypercalciuria (increased amount of calcium in urine). This ratio helps in measuring the rate of calcium excretion.

What is Calcium?

Calcium is one of the important minerals present in the body. It is naturally presented in the food items like cheese, almonds, beans, yogurt, seeds, milk, cereals, fruit juices, fish with soft bones etc. It is important for the body to maintain the strong bones and to carry out many functions in the body. It is required for muscles to move and for nerves to carry the messages between the brain and the body parts. This also helps the blood vessels to move blood throughout the body. It also has a role in the release of hormones and enzymes that affect most of the functions in the human body. Calcium is an important component of the skeleton and is necessary for its structure, tissue rigidity, strength, and elasticity. Calcium is needed for bone formation and resorption. Bone marrow cavity acts as a major site for the red blood cell production and immune system. So, to maintain healthy bone marrows calcium is needed for bones. Calcium is preserved within the non-bone tissues of the body by bones undergoing constant remodeling through bone resorption. Calcium helps to maintain acid-base balance in the blood. It also maintains healthy blood pressure. It is also used to treat osteoporosis which is a disease of the bones where bones become fragile and easy to break. It as lowers the risk of developing a colon or rectum cancer and prostate cancer.

What is Creatinine?

Creatinine is the breakdown product of the muscles of the body. It is released into the bloodstream and removed from the blood by the kidneys. Kidneys filter the creatinine and remove from the body via urine. Individuals whose kidneys are not working properly cannot filter the creatinine through it. This results in an increased level of creatinine in the blood and absence or low levels of creatinine in the urine.

Why this test is performed?

This test may be recommended to you if you are suspected to have hypercalciuria. This test may also be recommended to you if experience symptoms like abdominal pain, urinary urgency, urinary frequency, dysuria, irritability, change of urinary appearance, daytime incontinence, colic, recurrent urinary tract infections, etc.

Test Preparation

Inform your doctor if you are on any medications, have any allergies or underlying medical conditions before your Calcium / Creatinine Ratio Colorimetric Random Urine. Your doctor will give specific instructions depending on your condition on how to prepare for Calcium / Creatinine Ratio Colorimetric Random Urine.

No specific preparation is required for this test.

Understanding your test results

The normal test results may vary depending on gender, age, health history, your health condition, etc.

If your test results are higher than the normal reference range it may indicate hypercalciuria condition. This condition may be accompanied by multiple myeloma, hyperparathyroidism, metastasis from prostatic cancer, vitamin D intoxication, etc.

GenderAge groupsValue
MALEAll age groupsurine calcium (mg/dl) : urine creatinine (mg/dl)= < 0.14
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