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Biopsy Loop Excisional Cervical Tissue


Biopsy Loop Excisional Cervical Tissue

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What is this test?

This test is used to check for the presence of any abnormalities or damage to the cervical tissue. In this test, a small sample of the cervical tissue is collected to observe any changes, infections, toxicities, signs of damage or malignancies (cancers or tumors) which might have occurred to the cervix due to diseases/conditions or certain medicines.

What is a cervical biopsy and why is it done?

The Cervix is the part of the female reproductive system. The cervix located between the uterus and the vagina. The cervix forms a narrow canal which opens up into the vagina. The cervical biopsy is a method used to analyze the cervical tissue of an individual. The method involves using a fine needle or a surgical instrument to obtain a very small part or a fragment of the cervical tissue to identify the presence of any abnormalities or diseases related to the cervix.

What is a Biopsy and Excisional biopsy?

The biopsy is the process of collecting a small sample of tissue from various parts of the body. The sample for biopsy may include skin, the lining of the stomach, kidneys, liver, a fragment of bone or bone marrow, etc. This procedure is more like a minor surgery and an individual may recover within a day to one week based on the procedure. In this type of procedure, your doctor administers a small dose of local anesthetic at the site of surgery and collects a small sample of tissue from the suspected organ and is sent to the laboratory for further analysis.

The excisional biopsy is the process in which the abnormal lesion or mass (tumor or tissue) is removed as a whole and is tested for pathologies(abnormalities).

Why is this test done?

This test is recommended if you experience any symptoms of cervical damage or diseases like lower abdominal pain, fatigue, irregular periods, abdominal mass, bloating, urge to urinate, vaginal discharge or tenderness, history of gynecologic diseases, malignancies, loss of weight, fevers, etc.

This test is also recommended when regular X-Rays and blood tests are not enough to diagnose the presenting conditions/diseases like malignancies, endometriosis, genital warts, human papillomavirus - HPV, uterine fibroids, polyps or cysts, etc.

Test Preparation

Inform your doctor if you are on any medications, have any allergies or underlying medical conditions before your Biopsy Loop Excisional Cervical Tissue. Your doctor will give specific instructions depending on your condition on how to prepare for Biopsy Loop Excisional Cervical Tissue.

It is recommended to avoid consumption of alcohol and certain medicines like painkillers, blood thinners, nutritional supplements, from one week before undergoing this test. Please contact your physician for necessary advice and instructions before undergoing this test.

Understanding your test results

The normal test results may vary depending on age, health history, medical condition, etc. The collected tissue sample is subjected to various tests and stains to identify the presence of any diseases or conditions.

Positive test results may indicate the presence of any tissue abnormalities or diseases.

The test results may be negative if there is no presence of any disease or condition.

Please consult your health provider after receiving your lab reports for further diagnosis or medical intervention based on your clinical condition.

GenderAge groupsValue
MALEAll age groupsThe observations are reported by the pathologist depending on the histopathological findings
FEMALEAll age groupsThe observations are reported by the pathologist depending on the histopathological findings
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